Obama & McCain Compared Digitally

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November 2  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

As we all should be aware of as link builders and Internet marketers is to watch other sites succeeding online in regards to getting their image/message out there. Since Barack Obama has been on the campaign trail he has employed some very crafty online marketers, and if you divulge into his online strategy, you’ll see just how viral someone can go.

The way this election has been going, especially in the last week, it seems that Barack has a good lead out on McCain both in the polls and on the web. I wanted to take a quick look at both their websites to see if it will “predict”(used loosely) the outcome of the election.

First let’s take a looksy with Yahoo’s site explorer to determine the number of backlinks for both domains, both candidates use for social media, Google Trends and finally Alexa. From what I’ve seen by using only these few tools is that Barack Obama has clearly put the Internet to good use over his opponent.


So we can start to see that Barack has a lead over McCain when it comes to the number of backlinks, and I think we can all agree that more than 60% of these links are obtained through viral means, mostly within blog entries. Obviously there never has been an election covered as much online and this has. I highly recommend you all take a look at the links they’ve obtained just for educational purposes, but don’t bother goin through a million of them! Next lets take a look at Google Trends because from this first bit of evidence, we should see that Barack Obama is leading the pack in terms of search queries;

Ok so no surprise there. The younger generation has been behind Barack which is another good reason why he has such a larger web presence. Next we can take a look at Alexa comparing both candidates domains to see who has been getting more traffic. Now I’m aware Alexa isn’t the worlds greatest traffic meter, but it should be good enough for our little experiment;

Again that’s no surprise to me…If you go take a look at Youtube, both candidates have made use of this free video sharing website. John McCain has 28,217 channel subscribers, and has 2,015,088 channel views. Barack Obama has 113,659 channel subscribers, and a whopping 18,330,318 channel views. Barack leads out with roughly more than 16 million voters he’s had a chance to convince, and all from a free service.

I hope all of you folks go out and vote for whoever that may be. Up north here in Canada we’ve been watching your election process closely, and I can think of only one thing to safely say on behalf of Canada. At least you folks can finally all agree that a certain president that has been in house for the last 8 years isn’t working out any more.

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