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Akama The Open Business Directory

January 10  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Here’s another quick and small update to keep you folks posted until my next big post is out this week. Akama is an old and still very well ranked business directory that has been kicking since 2001 and is a great place to get a company link. you may not get a targeted anchor text but no worries, you’re still getting a little link love. The directory is virtually spam free for an open directory and has over 90,000 pages indexed in Google, over 67,000 in Yahoo and only a couple thousand in Bing.

So if you have a legit company you’re more than welcome to submit your company profile and enjoy a whole range of profile features. I ask for the sake of Akama that you don’t spam anything that’s going to waste the time of the staff over there. It’s a free resource and it should be respected and used for only what it is intended for. I highly suggest you take a quick glance at their FAQ before filling out the company submission forms.

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