Addroid Makes Video Ads A Breeze

April 10  |  Video SEO  |   Ryan Clark

It’s hard to keep up with all the marketing hype out there, so you know we try and bring you the best. I recently caught a presentation on Vimeo for Addroid. While we usually don’t cover banner (cpm) marketing if at all ever on the Linkbuildr blog, I thought we might as well start with something fresh. Addroid is a new video banner platform that allows you to do it all at a fair price, and by fair I mean much lower than you’d expect elsewhere. I’m pretty interested by it all and I think this form of advertising is really going to be taking off, but that’s really a ‘no duh’ statement. The CEO of the company did a great presentation showcasing how Addroid works, how it all will cost and how you can get started. I also recommend following them on Twitter if you’re interested in more updates.

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