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May 30  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Almost every SEO Consultant is aware of Aboutus.org, but from what I’ve seen a lot of webmasters, bloggers and SEO’s do not take full advantage of what they offer. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically an about your website page that is powered by a Wiki and some custom technology. It’s arguably the most popular site like it, and it gets the most love in Google’s eyes.

Aboutus catalogs over 10 million websites, has 26 million pages indexed and does a grade A job of internal linking. If you want to see how a site sculps their page rank by the books then hunt around Aboutus with your favorite SEO browser plugin. I haven’t done too much editing to the Linkbuildr Aboutus Page, but as you can see I’ve done some editing which is more than I can say about others.

If you’re working on a client, or wanting a SEO boost then I highly recommend paying for an Aboutus Sponsor Review. For $197 USD you get can have their staff write a review of your webiste/business which will get you a content rich profile page. This can include video, audio and as well you get the benefit of dofollow links. The free pages limit you to nofollow and less social media features, but it is still worth the time to fill out. I’ll be working more heavily on mine over the weekend and I suggest everyone do so as well!


Kristina from Aboutus was too kind in coming here and giving me some more information. If you want to make a great page you can have the option of getting a couple dofollow links. check out the ProFollow tips and you could be on your way to more SEO benefits.

How To Improve Your Aboutus Page

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