Getting Links From About.com

January 7  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

It has been a long while since I’ve dropped a decent link building tip so I thought I would give you folks something to work with. One of the link building tasks you should always have in your sight is getting links from authoritative websites. These types of links are so coveted because they come from a source your competitor might be able to leverage. About.com is a wealth of high quality information that is written by people who know their facts. If you have SEO Quake for Firefox then I suggest turning it on while browsing the site. For those of you with that app, you can download the information here.

About.com has information on just about everything you can think about (no pun intended). What I like about this link building tip is that it can’t be spammed or scammed. If you have a valid resource in some form of media( widget, resource guide, video, unique product, etc), then you stand a good chance on getting your site a juicy link. I by no means have the intention of making lives of the editors more stressful with an influx to their inbox. So if you consider emailing them with a suggestion, make sure you aren’t going to embarrass yourself and ruin your chances. If you fancy yourself a guru in your niche you might want to think about becoming a guide.

If you don’t think your website/business/blog has the stuff it takes to be worthy of a link then there are a few things you can do. No, I’m not talking about bribery. Take a good long look at what kind of websites are linked to in not only your niche’s section, but on others as well. Although each section has its own guide, you should quickly see a pattern emerge. I mentioned earlier if you have something unique, you website stands a chance to get those links. For example, take a look at this page from the online business section of About.com. Here is another example of how a company’s website with a widget for their niche got picked up and linked to. If you think you have a better link to offer why not hunt down the guides email address and let them know. Most guides list their contact information so be polite and be honest.

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