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Q1 Sub Penthouse Commercial From NEO Property

July 16  |  Viral Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

For those that pay attention, I blogged about what was quite possibly the best real estate commercial ever made. While it’s flagrant in its sexual theme, its over top Michael Bay-esque action sequences and top of the line real estate, this is another hem from the NEO Property crew over in Australia. This commercial is for the Q1 Sub Penthouse property located in the heart of the Gold Coast, and it deserves a post! While this style of advertising may offend a lot of people, it’s spot on to attract a crowd with money as well as everyone else who loves something so “ballsy”. I’m a huge fan of risky advertising as it’s so much more entertaining than the usual junk you get forced down your throat. So sit back, turn it up loud and enjoy the ride!

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