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August 21  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Have you been searching for a way to easily find no and do follow links on a page? Well I’ve been using a tool calle NoDoFollow for a while and never thought to blog about it. Once you’ve installed the plugin and restarted Firefox, you can right mouse click on the page you’re viewing, and tick the NoDoFollow option to activate the plugin. This plugin was programmed by Zachary Fox, and he graciously gives it away for free. So how does it work? Once you activate the plugin, you’ll now see red and blue highlighted links. Red means the link is no follow, and the blue means the links is do follow. Simple and easy! Download the plugin.

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19 Responses to NoDoFollow Firefox Plugin

  1. mahi says:

    thanx for this post.

  2. mahi says:

    thanx for this post

  3. india tours says:

    thanx for this great information.

  4. Denzel 007 says:

    Thanks this is the best plugin ever :)

  5. Leaping Lamp says:

    Sure took me a long time, but I finally found this useful tool! Wasn't sure what color the link would be if it was a no follow, but now I know it's red. Thanks for that information.

  6. Hello

    I had this plugin all the time. It worked very well. But over night it just stopped working. I updated everything, but it doesn't mark links any longer. I use Firefox 3.6.3 and plugin version 1.2. Can anyone help me? Is there maybe another plugin like this?

  7. Still working for me on Win/Latest Firefox.

  8. Hamza Ahmed says:

    Nice tool………!!!!

  9. Hhe article's content rich variety which make us move for our mood after reading this article.

  10. froslo says:

    This one is usefull. I use it every day.
    New Dofollow RSS Directory in town. It comes with a twist.

  11. Fresk038 says:

    its not supporting firefox 4

  12. Fawadmlk08 says:

    Ya I am using that one

  13. Awesome – thank you.

  14. Karin says:

    I’m bummed. I’m using firefox 7 and it’s not working

  15. It’s not working with firefox 8. Too bad

  16. Razashakir02 says:

    why firefox doesn’t support google toolbar

  17. FB covers says:

    not working with Firefox 8 :(

  18. great plugin easy to differentiate b/w nofollow and dofollow links with this 

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