Niche Link Building List For Real Estate

August 14  |  Niche Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

This is the first in many posts to come outlining a link building guide for the given niche. I will try and cover everything from fourms, social bookmarking, social networking, web directories and much more. This post is focused on the Real Estate niche and I hope you find it helpful in your link building efforts. Please leave me a comment because it’s do follow!

Real Estate Article Sites:

pr6>Real Estate – Submit Here

pr6>Real Estate – Submit Here

pr6>Business & Finance->Real Estate – Submit Here

pr4 – > Submit Here

pr2 – Submit Here

*new* – Submit Here

pr2 – Submit Here

Real Estate Forums:

pr5 – Sign Up Here

pr2 – Sign Up Here

pr4 – Sign Up Here

pr4 – Sign Up Here

pr3 – Sign Up Here

pr5 – Sign Up Here

pr4 – Sign Up Here

pr4 – Sign Up Here

Do Follow Real Estate Blogs(Don’t Abuse Do Follow Please)

pr5 – Visit Blog

pr4 – Visit Blog

pr2 – Visit Blog

pr3 – Visit Blog

Real Estate Web Directories:

pr5 – Submit Link

pr4 – Submit Link

pr3 – Submit Link

pr3 – Submit Link

pr2 – Submit Link

I won’t list too many more because you can spare me the time and jump onto Google and find a whole slough of web directories for real estate dedicated to the area you’re marketing in. Remember when picking a web directory to trade with keep a couple things mind. First, don’t submit to brand new directories with no seo, it’s only going to hurt you in the long run. Second, make sure you stick to directories only related to your niche. Keeping your inbound links from sites that are relevant will prevail in the longrun.

Real Estate RSS Feed Directories:

I managed to find one RSS Feed Directory dedicated to real esate feeds so I will keep this section short. There are many RSS Feed Directories out there so you should submit your feed to all of them anyway. It’s a good way to keep your content indexed in the search engines as well as get a few good links.

pr3 – Submit RSS Feed Here

Real Estate Social Networks:

pr5 – Visit Website

pr6 – Visit Website

pr4 – Visit Website

pr4 – Visit Website

pr3 – Visit Website

Facebook also has a whole whack of real estate group where you can share links which make for a great way to market to the real estate community.

Real Estate Social News Sites:

This is the only social news site I could find dedicated to real estate, so if anyone else knows a site drop it in the comments. Although I still recommend using the already popular social news sites, these should bring in a few good back links apposed to traffic.

pr3 – Submit News

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  1. This is a very informative list of resources. Definitely worth bookmarking I knew about a lot of these places but you have shown me some more that I can visit and use.

    Thank You for putting the time into writing this post and putting it together.

  2. london flats says:

    wow thanks! I wanted to give my site a really good boost. But it is always hard to find the right niche like you mentioned.

    Thanks for the links! I will make sure I use them well. Need to get articles now!

  3. Great Resource. See you guys at the top. I went to a much worst list on another blog and the first link i clicked to on the Do Follow Blog Said. STOP FUCKING COMMENTING I WILL HURT YOU AND BAN YOU. I DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR LINKS SO CLICK CLOSE. But this list is very well put together.

  4. This is a great list to use when getting started you have the basic authority websites for real estate. Great Job!

  5. Hi i just noticed this site, also be sure to post your Real Estate Articles at our site. Registration is free.

  6. Stephen says:

    Great list, thanks for putting this together. Putting articles out in these directories is a great way to get some love from search engines. Started out submitting articles around the web then built my own article library over at Acreage Anywhere .

  7. Jessica says:

    This is an excellent list and thank you for all of your hard work that I am sure went into putting this information together. We also put together a list of link building tips and locations for real estate websites on our website, hopefully you and your visitors will find it of value.

  8. Lambros Real says:

    This is a great list. I thank you for the efforts you put in for the compilation of this list. It will prove to be useful for the real estate people as well as property buyers.

  9. housesell says:

    Excellent job you have done. I am really fascinating to see about this list. This is not only facilitate us in link building but also increase you’r traffic. This accomplishment forge us unceremoniously to our destiny. Like this applauding list there must be many other programs start for the real estate bookmarking.

  10. Erik says:

    Cool list. Thanks for sharing.

  11. We appreciate your hard work to gather this info for us. Thanks so much.

  12. Shane says:

    You could also include . It allows for deep links…

  13. Thank you so much for this great list!! I could really use them all for my link building !!

  14. I appreciate this list. It is a great way to get some links back to the site. I just hope that everyone treats this kind of thing the way they should. Everyone – please make sure that you leave some valuable comments that contribute to the conversation. This will help you in your link building and will also help others so that people do not pull down the dofollow on their blogs because it was abused.

    Thanks again :)

  15. Lasvegasmtg says:

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  16. I posted an addition to the above list in regards to my last post about opening up my blog for dofollow and it got rejected. I had forgotten to place it into my prior comment . So here's my second attempt at it. <a href=”” target=”_blank”> is open for dofollow commenting. Everyone's welcome, but you have to write something about real estate or real estate finance., or at least include it.

  17. when it is particularly for one concerned thing i love to scroll on the page and go through. i like real estate blogs as they give me many ideas regarding my new house construction and also to own property in different places.

  18. real estate says:

    Thanks for sharing these nice real estate links . I am new in Real estate and working in a real estate company in Dubai. I really enjoy these links and i also use them for my company's real estate website link building. thanks again for sharing your good experiences with others.
    It always make you confident about you are on the right way. Because others are really follow you if you are doing right.

  19. Thank you for the list. It has been very helpful and a time saver.

  20. Hey great list. As we all know trying to compete in a tough niche like real estate can be a real challenge!

  21. Today's estate agents, letting agents, property surveyors and property solicitors need to lkeep up with the latest techniques for capturing property sales leads, following up with prospects and converting them into customers.

    The problem with traditional estate agency marketing and advertising is you never know how successful it is. It reminds me of the old addage …."Half the money I spend on estate agency advertising is wasted, and the trouble is I don't know which half."

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    It is very useful list for the real estate web site.Thanks for the sharing such a useful list.

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    This looks great. I need to get organized and put together a list of my own like this.

  25. This is a great help…looks like we have lots to do

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    Even though this post is old, I still find it useful for building Real Estate specific backlinks

  27. Keegan says:

    This is great for real estate marketing online. I know this list is old but I've used it a lot over the last couple of months. I am trying to put together something a little more up to date. Thank you very much though

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