Negative SEO Fiverr

April 21  |  Black Hat  |   Ryan Clark

While this is most likely just a quick way to make a few bucks while jumping on a trend, we will however see an influx of these services. I’ve been enjoying the debating on whether or not you can penalize a site with boat loads of links. If you can buy yourself a bunch of junk links and end up in all sorts of trouble, why couldn’t someone else. There’s no way to tell who paid for those links so we have an interesting year ahead of us still.

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9 Responses to Negative SEO Fiverr

  1. Well, hopefully Google will quickly learn from this “hole” in their system and update the algorithm to prevent negative SEOs from being successful.

  2. Affea says:

    Looks like the guy had this taken down, but put up a new gig.

  3. I am wondering how many people will lose money on this, before Google starts reacting… Would you use this strategy?

  4. John Abrena says:

    Funky. The way negative SEO is spreading like wildfire. Wonder when Google reacts to this? When the brands under their services get hit?

  5. Pat Gunning says:

    Google is already taking steps to deal with this

  6. Mike says:

    Pat what steps are google taking? Our site was destroyed because an seo company built dodgy links without telling us. Someone could just as easily have done that to a competitor’s site. I dont think google could care less about small business sites or fairness.

  7. I’m the guy on fiverr who had the nseo gigs. They were all rejected by fiverr, who understandably, frowns upon negative seo.  However, while I have a new gig up for building over 6,000 backlinks, I feel any buyer could get a similar effect from using any gigs that are similar. Thanks for the mention.

  8. Johnny_vang69 says:

    Only small to medium size businesses will be targeted and Google doesn’t care about the little guys so you can all go to war with each other to gain the top 10 spots. I mean why would they care that small to med size businesses are losing it’s customers?

  9. I agree with NegativeSEOGuy.  Obviously anyone could buy a ton of backlink packages on Fiverr to try to do damage; all he really changed was removing the term “negative SEO” from his gig.  When you consider that well-meaning people buy these Fiverr spam links to promote their own site, it’s obvious Fiverr mgmt should take a hard look at allowing them.

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