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Micro-Blogging Site List By Rank

December 29  |  Link Building, Social Media Sites, Social Networks  |   Ryan Clark

Micro-Blogging is still going strong and there are a ton of them popping up for every niche and theme imaginable. Some of them allow you to get do follow links so this does fall under the general link building topic, but they also allow you to increase your reader base and grow your website. The stats I’m going to use to rank the sites will be based on Alexa ranking,(unique not site wide links counted)  backlinks counted by Link Diagnosis, and Google Page Rank. If anyone has a site I missed, or even a new one that they’re going to release then you should leave it in the comments or contact me. I like to mention only use these sites if you plan on using them for what they’re intended for, and not just spam them to death. I understand people use micro-blogging services do promote their products and that’s fine, but don’t overkill it.

Backlinks:85 million


3) (dofollow)




Alexa: 365,908

8 )


Backlinks: 171

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33 Responses to Micro-Blogging Site List By Rank

  1. pagerank says:

    Great list and the site is one of the best to check backlinks with pagerank

  2. kreator says:

    Link diagnosis helps a lot and I have never seen a better tool to check backlinks. Moreover, it is free!

  3. helper says:

    but it does not show proper pagerank!

  4. Legal Wills says:

    Looking forward for more such stuff. Loved your style of providing the information and the nature of the content.

  5. Cool! Thanx for helping me know!

  6. Thanks for sharing and I am eager to know more

  7. Pian says:

    nice link, i think microblogging site is getting spammy, but some developing microblogging site can be a powerful tools to promote our business…nice share…

  8. Very useful resources @!!!!thanks a lot!!!!I will create an account & do activities in all the micro blogging sites mentioned here.

  9. Thanks for your great list. I am going to register an account all them.

    Really good to find out two dofollow microblogging sites.

  10. Richard says:

    Sharing awesome list .. Thanks dude

  11. Very useful resources thanks a lot!!!!I it will help a lot for webmasters

  12. Very usefull information.. thank you very much…

  13. Nice post! Hope you will have more to this list.

  14. tipsntricks says:

    Most of the links are new to me :D Thank you for posting!

  15. I use only 6 of the list. Thanks for sharing. Will use remaining four. Can you share more sites?

  16. All micro blogging sites are really good. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I wants some more websites. plz provides me some more url if it is possible.

    thanks for this list. 

  18. Most of the sites are not working. Do you have any other List

  19. cord covers says:

    Nice micro blogging sites this will help me to promoting my site.

  20. microblogging is one of the most effective way to get visitors. thanks for the list I’m on my way in creating some accounts.

  21. Hey! I just want to
    give a huge thumbs up for the nice data you’ve here on this post. I will be
    coming again to your blog for other entertaining stuff!!

  22. Its very hard joob to promote your business or services through micro-blogging. It needs strong reputation otherwise it is just time wastage.

  23. Thanks for sharing list. but many of the site not working can you please update it.

  24. Thanks for the great share an sharing it with alexa rank and page rank is pretty good. Thanks again.

  25. Very nice list of micro blogging sites, thanks for sharing this list of useful microblogs.

  26.  Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  27. Day by day micro blogging going good.. people dont know about many micro blogging.. thanks for sharing!!!

  28. thanks matt  this site is really usefull for get good traffice .

  29. Hello Ryan,

    First of All. Thanks for sharing this awesome list of micro blogging website, and we have shared them also in our micro profile through tweets. Ryan we have gone through also your google profile and it’s been really excellent experience with your profile and the latest update of Google.

  30. The above micro blogging sites list is very good and very useful also. Some microblogging sites are among from my favourite micro blog sites.

  31. Katewillson says:

    i dont like these links..because these sites are easily available on all websites..Here is not new sites for public..not a good links

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