Matt Cutts On Google’s Link: Command

March 25  |  Link Building, Link Building Tools, Link Building Videos  |   Ryan Clark

I always see a lot of people asking about the link: command in Google and why it doesn’t show all your backlinks. Matt Cutts talks about that as well as some other interesting tidbits, and why Google has chosen to take that route.

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8 Responses to Matt Cutts On Google’s Link: Command

  1. web design says:

    Hi Matt, First of all thanks for the wonderful video and you have clarify so many doubts of mine related to link command and now i have no doubts more. Thanks once again.

  2. SCP says:

    Thanks for posting the video. Cutts' videos always provide at least a few tips on how G does things.

  3. Mike says:

    Basically, I can always see people around me, who are expert at reverse engineering and can do almost everything to cheat search engines but I think that is not a right thing to do. Such ventures always loose their credibility and crashed too early. Thanks for the video because there is nothing authentic more than that.

  4. almir says:

    very informational i enjoyed this video because it helped clarify the many things i didn't know i always wondered why google doesn't show all of the backlinks but now i do

  5. Ryan Martin says:

    Those were some fairly informative videos. It was interesting to know that the "link:" results are 100% random. They sure seem to carry more weight.

    I'm still laughing at Laura from Ohio. 30,000 viagra links to just too funny.

  6. Thanks Cutts' videos always provide at least a few tips on how G does things.

  7. jason says:

    Good video and I like the explanation of it. thanks for the post.

  8. Johnny says:

    Aha, that makes sense! I always wondered why the link command did not show all backlinks, yet in Wemaster Tools I could see all? It's to protect yourself from the competition.

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