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February 22  |  Niche Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been working on a few guest blog posts for our real estate marketing month so I only have a small post again for everyone here today. Since this month we’ve had a lot of inquiries to do marketing for real estate agents which is great, and optimally the end goal here. We have also made some cool friends within the industry, all of which are working on some unique projects. Todays is a socially powered content site called the Luxury Real Estate Magazine, which explains itself really. They’re launching in beta mode this week so I said I’d give them a mention and let the real estate agents out there know they can start using it for free! You can also read our interview where I ramble on about luxury real estate marketing in 2011.

The has some goals in mind, and currently the advertising is 100% free for real estate agents, home owners and interior designers. If you’re involved within the luxury homes market, then this site wants and needs you to help it grow. As of now, you can submit a guest blog post, get your property on the featured listing, get your property listed in the blog, get an interview like I did, submit a press release and a few other options. I really like the idea behind the site and I hope it takes off, but again, it will need the agents and home owners to help grow it all the while getting some free promotion. To get the party started, you can follow them socially via the usual suspects;


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  1. In my opinion, it may and it may not for agents, designers, homeowners. Why? For it will take lots of ideas and has to run some brainstorming to gather more futuristic, creative, and innovative plans for this year to run with a blast.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. It’s a great looking site; in order to get more guest bloggers it would probably help to work on the incoming links and getting some page rank. 

  4. Nice idea! I wonder how’s it going after launching it several months ago. Hope it’s doing well.

  5. Very nice.  Any feedback on how things are going for them?  Looks like a lot to organize into a final production.

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