Local Business Search Marketing

If you’ve been marketing a local business in the past few years you may have noticed that Google has changed the results quite drastically. Depending on what country you’re from you’re more likely to get local results, especially towards businesses and services. I’ve developed a custom strategy that involves obtaining links from local sites through blogs, social media, local business sites and more.

Since a lot of businesses haven’t caught on to this it is still a perfect time to take advantage of a good link building campaign. I’ve worked with local businesses from North America and Europe with great success, and from what I’ve seen you can be on your way to a lot of business within a short time span.

The prices start at $2500 a month which puts around 30-40% of that budget back into the campaign for such things as Press Releases and other necessities such as local business reviews. More than half my clients only need one month of work done because the competition is usually next to nothing. Get in touch with me today to see what I can do for your business.

Price: $2500+/Month depending on the competition

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