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February 23  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Just a little update on the latest updates on our SEO Tools and what we’ve got implemented, as well what we’ve got coming in the coming 10 days(or so). First up I’d like to let everyone know about the updates we’ve made to the instructions on how to use the backlink analyzer. Some people have been confused with getting the launch.php to run, or have just straight up had problems getting it to run. So we’ve added in these instructions seen below, let us know if everything worked fine for you;

We’re hoping this clears things up a little and helps most people run the tool without any problems. We’re also working on getting a feedback system in place that will archive users questions, and our answers. We’re also thinking of adding in a forum sooner than later so people can discuss any problems with the tool, and with link building in general. The next update we added this week was the addition of the dofollow and nofollow reporting on all the links. You can see them tallied up at the top right, as well the reporting within the link list you get once you’ve run the software.

This is the key numbers list that gives you a quick tally of the numbers that are most important, and now as you can see they’re including the do/nofollow count. From here you can see which links are dofollow or nofollow under each link set for each domain. If you notice any problems with the reporting please let us know so we can make sure everything is running smoothly. We really rely on your feedback to fix issues and make the software better.

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  1. Dennis_Edell says:

    Did you get my last reply email?

  2. Powerful tool. Love it, Sphunn it!

  3. This is a great tool! I've started using it and it's super-helpful for clients. Thanks!

  4. Erdal Gul says:

    It's a great tool. I have posted an article on my blog. Thanks !

  5. almir says:

    very cool i have never heard of this tool before i will certainly check this out and thanks for bringing it to your readers attention its great. It looks like it can be a very useful tool.

  6. I must try this tool immediately, thanks for your info.
    Believe it, It must a great tool. Thanks, :D

    Nikita Willy

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