Linkbuildr's Linkpartnr Service

It’s no secret that getting links from trusted, related and quality websites in your vertical is the golden ticket. Our Linkpartnr program is very much like an online dating service except we help clients develop down right awesome content in partnership with webmasters in our system. We have developed a unique system that isn’t automated, isn’t spam and isn’t a blog network in any way or form! This is for people looking to build a brand by building relationships with the trusted people in their vertical.

Combining a partnership with leaders in your market and highly user engaging media tactics is a recipe for audience building at its finest. We are big believers of doing the little and the big things that set you far apart from the competition. After all, is sticking out like a sore thumb such a bad thing? Stop doing the same old junk and break away from the normal “SEO” routine!

Linkpartnr is a process that allows us to pick from our own private list of companies, brands and websites that are looking to partner up. This is not about link buying or inserting site wide links in a footer….this is about creating awesome content and getting the reach you need from audiences that fit your product.

Linkpartnr Partners

If you’re a blog, forum, social network or business who would like to be pitched from us about our clients working with you then let us know. Below you’ll find a form to submit your business and some information which will enter you into our private database. Whenever we have a client that fits your vertical, we’ll pitch to you first before our client ever knows who they might be working with. Remember that only the Linkbuildr staff has access to this partner database to insure maximum privacy and confidentiality. There are many rewards for our Linkpartnr partners so if you’re interested in learning what those are, fill out our form below.