Linkbuildr's Linkblogr Service

Guest blogging is one of the best overall marketing methods for not only link building, but for brand building as you’ll gain recognition and social followers. You’ll find that all of our services focus around this point and our slogan “Think Beyond The Link” should concur with this. Guest blogging can either be done right or done horribly wrong, and we want to explain how our service is different from the rest.

We absolutely do not use pre existing blog network services. There are a half dozen networks out there that hook bloggers up with site owners and we strictly stay far away from these. Why you ask? Well for one, the majority of the blogs on those networks are very low quality. Secondly there are way too many companies pushing content on sites that really have nothing to do with their clients vertical. While guest blogging is all about the link, we’re here to help build your brand.

  • no guest blog networks
  • no anchor text manipulation ( you’re only getting brand/site links)
  • no bio links, all will be relevant, in-content links
  • absolutely no unrelated to your vertical blogs
  • extremely high link bait styled content
  • all the communication handled by our all Canadian staff
  • each post is pushed via the right social media channels from our team
  • each target blog will have high number of social media followers
  • absolutely NO junk blogs will your content go up on
  • posts will features many other non competing links to authoritative websites on the subject at hand

Accepting Guest Blog Posts? Sign Up!

If you have a high quality blog and would love free top notch content and a free social push from us then lets partner up! The form below will enter you into our private system that only the Linkbuildr staff can see. Our clients will never see who’s in our program until you’ve agree’d to work with just that one client on a transaction basis. It’s free to be included and we’ll only bug you when we have a potential client that matches your blog.