Linkbuildr's Linkbaitr Service

We’re best known for our link bait services and that is what we have for you here. We don’t have any pre-determined packages so everything from the first inquiry is custom to your business and its needs. There are so many ways to attract links with content that we need to feel out what will work for your brand.

What exactly is link bait? It is essentially doing something amazing that will get you noticed, and that’s the best way to build natural links that won’t cause a headache with Google. We make use of your blogs, doing infographics, videos and stunts to attract the right kind of attention. This also isn’t an easy task to accomplish either! Our process involves our creative team working with your company to find a good fit for what is going to work in your vertical. Like with all the marketing we do, nothing is cookie cutter.

One important aspect of doing link bait is that nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes the attention just doesn’t work out and the reach doesn’t go as hot as we’d like. With that being said, every campaign we do gets a lot of attention and there’s a lot of things we’ll do that will bring in a significant amount of links, traffic and social followers. This is why every Linkbaitr campaign we do involves a lot of hands on creative work from our team.

So, you're interested in out link bait services, eh? Fill out this form and we'll get right back to you!
  • If there's anything in particular that we've forgotten to ask you about your site, please let us know here. If you've got a photography site with 20,000 instagram followers, please show us the profile as well as any other social web profiles you might want to flaunt.