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I’m happy to announce that I’m going live with my linkbait services which will be a great asset to any of my link building services. From now until summer I’m going to be offering the linkbait services for only $500 USD, and $400 if you sign up for any of my other services. For those of you who don’t know what linkbait is, let me explain it as simple as possible. Linkbait is simply amazing content that attracts links naturally from related sources, as well from users who are interested in your website. This has been one of the best ways to get links since the birth of the web, and if done right, can propel your rankings within a very short time.

So what does this service include? I’d like to first mention that you have two options for the linkbait content. That is, you can either host it on your own site which we recommend. The other option is that we can place the linkbait onto other content websites, and direct the links back to your site. An important measure to keep in mind is that not all linkbait goes completely viral around the web, but we do guarantee that your content will be seen by thousands of people, and attract related links. The content we create will also attract links over time as other sites discover your resource for themselves. We have also added the option for another $500 which will provide you with me attracting links from related sites within your niche.

Each article takes at least 5-7 hours to create which includes research, media and the writing process. Once the content has been approved by the client, we then proceed to do our social media marketing magic on the content. If you choose to add on the other $500 you will get even more exposure as we let great sites within your industry be aware of your content. This has always worked well for us, as well as our clients.

Prices start at $2000.

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