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October 12  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark


I’m sure by now most of you have either seen, heard or put in to action a “link wheel” of sorts into your SEO gameplan. Now some of you might be starting to worry about me and wonder why I’m bringing up this topic. Afterall, it is usually kept in black/greyhat arena’s but I don’t think it needs to be. As usual I’m hoping to get a ton of good feedback from you folks in the comments to dig into the topic, but I’ll try my best to bring up the pro’s and con’s.

The term link wheel has only been used for a year or two now but in reality any good blackhat affiliate marketer has been doing something similar since links have been king. Linkwheeling is just the nice term used to sell to the endless amounts of clueless noobs on Digital Point and any similar forum. There’s nothing too secret about the method and it can be extremely successful if implemented correctly. 99% of the webmasters I see on forums asking questions about it just think that paying $250 for a link wheel service will boost them into the top 10, or do something magical.

Before I get some nasty comments about that last comment, I will state that I’ve seen top 10 results from a simple link wheel, just not for any difficult search term. And no, I won’t out anyone’s link wheel on here and please don’t in the comments. If you’re constantly snooping your competitions link profile like I do, you’ll easily be able to spot one in action.

What Is A Link Wheel?

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock or just don’t frequent the tubes as much as most of us do then let me explain a little bit beyond the diagram. The idea here is to create mini sites across a whole host of free social media and blogging platforms. Specifically you want to minimize the linking amongst each other, obviously for the one way links, and in the end push all the link juice to the money making website.

We all know that one way links are the key here but 3/4’s of the people implementing the technique are so god damn lazy it isn’t working 100%. I say this because from what I mostly see myself are people paying for the service and then letting it just sit there. They might occasionally update the link wheel with new content, but for the most part this doesn’t happen. Despite all the the content put on the link wheel sites are usually spun or just straight up copied. We all know how Google’s “dupe content” filter is near worthless.

Con’s Of A Link Wheel:

I figure I’d start with the bad stuff because it is the most important afterall. A link wheel system is a link scheme and we all know what Google thinks about that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a link builder my profession so I don’t think I’m all high and mighty with my techniques. Although I do not waste my client’s time with endless directory/social bookmarking/blog commenting “packages”, I’m still building links to influence their ranking.

Like I mentioned earlier that for the most part people are lazy or don’t have the time to build a network like this up. Paying someone from a forum is usually the route I see taken and this is where it all goes wrong(with the exception of a handful of skilled people who do high quality content and link building – an example being Red_Virus). A lot of link wheelers don’t care about your site, and if you’re a company they won’t really care about your brand.

The big issue is you want links in content from sites that are related to your topic and have some weight. So while the free blog hosts may have some authority, your fresh subdomain blog does not. And 3 measly spun articles that are bookmarked isn’t going to do much for you. You’ll get indexed but your link wheel is going to passing link juice that’s not from concentrate :) If you’re trying to target difficult keywords you’re going to have to spend a lot of time making those wheel sites to have some authority.

So if the content quality is bad how long will those wheel sites stay indexed? Well that could really go either way but my money is on they’ll be filtered out eventually, thus ruining little juice you had coming to you. Another aspect you have to think about is how diverse is this going to make your link profile look? If you’re a big brand or somewhat established company, and not an affiliate flog, you’re going to want to be cautious in your link building efforts.

Google can potentially pick up on what’s going on here and with the amount it’s being done poorly I’d suspect it could be problematic in the future. But all in all, after all my yapping, the moral of the story is to keep the quality high.

Pro’s Of A Link Wheel:

Since the opportunity presents itself to build super high quality content and get links it could potentially be a killer method. I use similar techniques for clients from time to time, especially if there is a lack of quality places to put content. If they’ve got the time and money to invest in a long term strategy then makin a link wheel that’s;

a) based on high quality content that isn’t spun or copied from any other web source

b) updated frequently with good content to keep the indexing and eventually bring some authority to those hub sites

From what I’ve seen by developing content for certain social media sites is that you open yourself up to more exposure, and hopefully clients. Some of the sites used by link wheel’s your content actually gets viewed, and if it’s good it could get passed around. I’ll even do “micro linkbait” articles to make sure the reader is enjoying his or herself.

I know this sounds like a lot of work, and it is so be prepared to get someone writing full time or make sure you have the funds to “get’er done”. From what I’ve seen it takes a couple months to get a 7-10 site link wheel going where it has enough content and authority to start pushing some weight.

So enough with my blabbing on and on….lets hear what you folks have to say about all this, and if anything at least get the flaming out of the way :)

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29 Responses to Link Wheel Link Building Thoughts & Strategies

  1. Another con of a link wheel:

    Many web 2.0 services monitor content quality published and expect to be banned regularly (that will break the links of your wheel)

  2. David says:

    I am someone who has performed link wheel "work" for people on forums. When I do these wheels, I make sure all the articles are unique on each property. I also make sure to add more than just one article to that property because i don't want to look like a spammer just posting one article and leaving. I have an account of many different web 2.0 properties with unique content on a variety of topics linking to multiple sites. I combine this with Unique Article Wizard and my results have been outstanding.

  3. There are tons of combinations of link wheel building, and I've never tried that particular combination. I have seen applications like this work well with either brand new websites, or new pages that you want indexed on a domain, however.

  4. As long as the articles are unique, I don't think Google has any right to complain. That's actual content, and not a scheme, as far as I'm concerned.

    I love the link wheel premise, and it's something I've used successfully in the past. You can add additional layers to the process as well. For example, you can build links to the foundation pages, which will boost the Google juice they pass to your target sites.

    Additionally, you can have a single target article for the entire niche site, and funnel all internal links to that page.

    What you've outlined here is a wonderful two-layer system. Every layer you add to this increases the target article exponentially.

  5. joel says:

    Excellent post on links and link wheel. It would be helpful to know importance of link building to newbies. Thanks for providing good blog with useful content.

  6. Debt says:

    Great share.I dont try link wheel yet .. I'll give a try later.Thanks mate

  7. Justin says:

    Have you had success building a link wheel from say 10 spun articles with the uniqueness at 30-50%. I imagine this working for a small wheel of maybe 3-6 parasites backed up by SB and article submissions but I don't think anything larger than that

  8. Link Wheel strategies are being played out by all colored hats of the rainbow. What do you folks think about this technique, and do you think it's heading down a path of link profile self destruction?

  9. Skate Site says:

    Glad I found this!

    I paid some money to have a linkwheel built, article quality CRAP, article uniqueness 10% at best. So now I have a linkwheel consisting of somewhere around 20 properties all with essentially the same non-readable article. It hasn't been up long enough to show any results. I guess the money paid was for the time spent setting up each property, no way to get around doing the "real" work needed to make this effective.

  10. term says:

    what happen if I try to post duplicate article at each web 2.0? the link wheel still boost up my money site?

  11. linkbuildr says:

    most likely you'll eventually have a hard time keeping out of the supplementals I'd say

  12. teena_wdt says:

    I've been reading articles about link wheel building, I'm glad I bumped into this article with comments to hear what other people has to say. I'd like to learn to build a link wheel actually. Somehow your article gave me an idea what should and should not be done…thanks.

  13. Tom K says:

    There is a free tool called TouchGraph that is really helpful for linkwheel building.

  14. Jimmy Krawl says:

    I hate broken links, can you help me in building my linkwheels because it took so long when I'm indexing my other properties so that I can I set my links to other properties..thanks

  15. ele says:

    Thank you for great info

  16. Samy Singh says:

    well said…you have brought out the pro's and con's of linkwheel. Every coin has two sides and similarly linkwheels also have positive and negative things. What we need to do is to find out which aspect is better positive or negative. I personally have found linkwheels very effective in generating traffic to the websites.

  17. This info is great I am working as seo since a long time but this example still give me lot of info


  18. Rob Anderson says:

    Hi, I like the fact you mentioned the cons of creating link wheels too. I have three health websites that I want to create major link wheels for. Would you have any tips for a quality “health” link wheel(s)?

  19. There are people who doesn't want link wheel while others are using this as one of their link building strategies. The pros and cons that you mentioned are really nice atleast those who want to do it will have ideas on what can happened afterwards.

  20. Techuth says:

    great post and tips. I really enjoy this and get alot of help. Thanks

  21. SEO London says:

    Excellent article,

    As i know , A link wheel is the newest SEO backlinks building method that involves
    creating multiple blog posts on multiple different sites and
    interlinking them in a wheel, Its called Link Wheel .


  22. Thanks for providing this kind of article and showing image of link
    wheel. From this image i understand  link your page between article and
    blog sites and get back links……

  23. Anonymous says:

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  24. To Be Honest , I never heard about link wheel and its
     strategies, very useful post for me :)

  25. Link Wheels says:

    I have been reading through posts about link wheels here in this site as I myself call me as a link wheel expert. Just a thought Ryan, I think we should be adding another set of link wheels for the promoting the initial set of linkwheels used to connect the money site. The promotion of the social media sites is necessary because it is hard to get them indexed in the SEs

  26. After the Panda update its more difficult now to build a link wheel because you must have unique and good content for every site in a wheel.But any way a link wheel is one of the best method available to improve your search engine rankings.Thanks for this post

  27. says:

    Thanks for your informative and useful article. hope that there will be more articles like this about SEO methods

  28. Good Article Ryan. Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y is King. Spin that.

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