Link Building With Your Resume

August 26  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been trying to find another way to build links that will come off as reputable links and it led me to resume websites. There have been quite a few web 2.0 resume creating/posting sites coming out as well, if you dig deep, there are a ton of old and authoritative resume sites. The beauty about link building this way is that you can also sharpen your resume writing skills, and even perhaps snag a few jobs within your industry. Some of the web 2.0 based resume sites have built in wizards to create your online wizard in a snap, which usually includes a place for a backlink.

I won’t name too many sites and leave the resume site snooping up to you guys, but we’ll take a look at one site which makes a perfect example. Emurse is an online resume site that does everything from create and store your professional resume online with all the print options so employers can get your resume easily. They also keeps track of your past and present colleagues using the Emurse contact manager. Invite your contacts to Emurse and always have access to their latest contact information and resume.

In this day and age of technology, blogs, podcasts and social networking employers want to see your online portfolio, so what a better way to drop some links. You can start by creating an account and get to creating your resume. You can see for yourself that you can get do follow backlinks within your resume by checking out the latest resumes. One of the new ones listed was Jason Yandell’s resume which you can see his links in action within his resume.

I hope this gives you guys the inspiration to go and find out other resume sites that are great for link building, and if you do come on over to the link building forums and make a post! I’m going to be doing some link building with my resume this week in order to gain some more authoraty for this site. It’s still so new and I could use all the help I can get.

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  1. This looks cool I believe it would work better at

  2. TechChunks says:

    I ain't sure if I would like to use my resume as part of my link building program, but it is an interesting idea, nevertheless. Let us hear how it worked for you.

  3. Mary Tagab says:

    When you know how to introduce yourself, a cover letter can be your most valuable asset because it serves to pique the interest of the reviewer, and functions to lead into your resume.

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