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December 20  |  Link Building, Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark

Twingly is by far the coolest new blog search on the scene and I really like how it is laid out and the content is presented. If you’re used to using Technorati, you might find this a breath of fresh air. Technorati still has a plethora of features compared to Twingly, but it is also a cluttered mess of links that could keep you lost for hours. The simple web 2.0 layout makes for a fun browsing experience and at the moment there is nothing but quality content to be found on Twingly. This blog search engine is all about being SPAM FREE which is great and is why I like it a lot more. So far their search engine is serving out more than 25 million searches a month, and mostly through their API which is pretty impressive and shows there is growth and a need for a service like this. Now you all know I do not like to promote spam, and although the links on this site are dofollow you won’t last long if your blog is spammy/crappy/lousy. You can sign up and ping your blog on the site, or add their RPC ping function to WordPress to make sure your content stays afloat.

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5 Responses to Link Building With

  1. jimmy s says:

    i use the service ://URLFAN which to me is a little more userfriendly and pretty well respected in the web 2.0 world:

    It's a little more clear than both technorati and twingly when it comes to their ping service, promoting bloggers and ranking websites, since thats what they focus on.

  2. ted says:

    I checked out Twingly and liked it actually. It doesnt have the features of a technorati, but I find technorati so blaoted to use and layed out kind of horribly. This improves in those two areas.

  3. Tom Star says:

    Well I am looking forward to using this new site but I be rather sceptical on whether it can challenge technorati's huge market share.Twingly has to come up with some seroius features for it's site or it will be a failure I guess

  4. I use the Twingly site. It is very good for looking for great related blogs. Nice clean layout, and spam free. Thanks for the post. :)

  5. Anton says:

    Thanks for great response! It's really nice to hear that you like it. @Tom Star: which features do you want to see?

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