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January 13  |  Link Building, Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark

Trade Vibes is a semi new site for all things startups and from what I’ve seen to compared sites is that it takes the cake. There are a lot of great startup sites out there but Trade Vibes has won my heart over with their features and best of all, the company profiles which are content rich. The site saw some good growth in 2008 and with the help of their users, they managed to compile over 10,000 company profiles. This is pretty damn impressive especially when you check out the profiles.

Now Trade Vibes is a great resource to build one way do follow links for your startup, and I mean for your startup only. Please do not try and spam this resource, and only use it for what the site is intended for. Your profile will growth with Google and in time it will be a valuable link, so make sure to fill your profile with as much relevant information to your startup as possible. Within your profile it also lists important people within the company and provides a user profile which also is a great place to get a link to your startup. Besides getting links this site is great for attracting investors and connecting with like minded people in your industry.

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