Link Building With Forum Signatures Part 1

November 10  |  Forum Link Building, Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

link building forum signatures

Ok so everyone talks about link building with their forum signatures, but I’d like to actually show everyone the effect these links have been having on some of my campaigns. I’m going to be offering my link building services on a lot of the webmaster forums that I’m on, so this would be a good time to put on a public campaign so everyone can see the results. I’ll be laying out which forums I’m on in the follow up post entitled “part 2”, and I’ll be using forums I’m only taking part in socially, and for business. When I get clients, and for myself, on forums I make sure they’re there to participate and not just spam around. I’m aware some of my tactics are walking the line, but someones gotta do it.

This is currently where I stand for some of the keywords I’ve been attacking. Since the blog is only a few months old, it is still been somewhat of a battle to climb to where I am now. I imagine it will be another few months to get top 10 for link building, but I’m thinking with this forum campaign we can make this move within the next week or two. I’m not looking to get top 10 just yet, but for 3 chosen keywords I’ll not be building any more backlinks for those anchor texts except for this signature experiment.

A lot of people put all the websites they can in there signature, I’ll be adding only 3 links all to Linkbuildr. As of right now I know I’ll be doing one to the main site, and two more links pointing to internal pages most likely my link building services and link building tips or podcast. I’ll be taking a normal role in the forums chatting and helping people out while offering link building services. Hopefully everyone will get a better and more clear view on how powerful signature links can be, especially from related forums.

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15 Responses to Link Building With Forum Signatures Part 1

  1. WOW thanks a lot…Hoping to see the followup post soon ;)

    Watch Simpsons Onlines last blog post..the simpsons seasn 14 episode 16 scuse me while i miss the sky

  2. Just curious – what software is that screenshot of? Is that a custom script or something publically available?


  3. admin says:

    Hey George,

    It’s a plugin called Position Yourself for wordpress which can be found here

  4. Dennis Edell says:

    Forum marketing has always ben in my top favorites. Could you explain a little about “walking the line” though.

  5. admin says:

    Hey Dennis,

    I kind of meant that in reference to some other posts I’ve done on topics such as buying blog posts and a few tools I’ve posted on here which really don’t sit well with my code of ethics. But as for forum marketing, it’s easy to cross the line to spammer instead of an actual participant. Thankfully the webmaster niche and their forums welcome my kind of advertising. I just want to make sure I’m contributing as a genuine member on the forums I’m getting involved with.

  6. david010 says:

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  7. You have to find our whether this forum is support dofollow links from those signature links otherwise from a seo point of view, it just 'waste' of your time.

  8. Mirzayasir4 says:

    Thank you for few tips, I just started link building, but without keywords, I just write, ‘My Blog’ and put its link

  9. Greg Fowler says:

    Forum link building is important, but doesn’t Google take into account if you have more that 100 links from one site, and consider that a link farm?

  10. I agree with you that take 100 backlinks from the one forum is like link farm and i also believe your link building strategy should be mixed like you should have backlinks from as many forums as you may handle (dofollow forums), blog (niche related and authority blogs), book marking, directory submission etc.

  11. Anjan says:

    I am looking for seo forums to build signature links for my seo website, could any one explain me where could i get these types of list of forums, after reading this post, i came to know the value of niche related forum links.So trying to build some more niche related links on forums.

  12. Yes above post is really true and helpful as a webmaster all above article written is 100% fact.

  13. Vijayam401 says:

    Very useful post you have shared.Thank you.

  14. Great post,Thanks for sharing.

  15. There is no doubt that forums posting and signatures are very important and effective not only for link-building,
    but also for traffic and SERP because in forums there are very minor
    chances of spamming and you can easily get good page rank and do-follow backlinks just in a few days.

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