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April 12  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve finally got a useful post for you folks to go out and build some links for your business that will give you some extra link love. I’m a huge fan of finding an avenue that lets you build a few quality links and provide a future source of link acquisition for your company. Most businesses have some sort of event happening once or twice a year so why not utilize that to build some links? I’ve found a handful of choice websites that let you do just that, so make sure you think about these sites the next time you plan an event.

One of the clues some of you will pick up on to further your event marketing ideas is of course backlink research. I am providing you guys with an extensive list for marketing an event, so why not find the hidden gems I’m not blogging about? Where should I start you ask? Well I recommend heavily analyzing the link profiles for venues, especially the largest and most popular spots in your city. This should lead to a plethora of ideas for getting venue links so your can better position yourself within your niche.

The social event websites are all free and provide quite the service so make sure you do not waste their time by spamming these sites. Since it is quite business oriented you won’t be able to get away with much ill gotten behavior, so I’m comfortable dropping this fine list on you all. If anyone has a great event site that I missed, and would like to be listed, then drop your link off in the comments and I’ll get around to adding it when I have the time.

The Goods: Social Event Networks: is a site you’ve most likely come across in your attempts to figure out what to do during any given weekend. The site is completely dedicated to events and the layout allows for an easy read, plenty of awesome content and will allow you to build some quality content. Your events and venue can have a page that does include a followed link back to your website. The key here is to hopefully have enough events and activity to stay indexed to keep that link juice coming. is another superb looking event website that has just about every feature you’d want in a site like this and then some. This event site is quite active and the interface for setting up an event is very easy, so there is no excuse for not taking advantage of this site. You as well get a followed link back to your venue or event so it makes sense to re-use this site in the future and build up a strong account. I personally love the way this site is designed and functioning, and personally use it on a weekly basis to grab my local events.

Yahoo’s own Upcoming section has been kicking for a long while now and is a highly traffic’d web application they’ve got going on over there. The system is quite user friendly, interacts with your Yahoo account which everyone should have by now…if you don’t, where have you been? If you are the venue owner and haven’t included your location here then get your ass in gear. You can grab followed links to your venue and event within the listing which is bloody killer knowing where that link is coming from. Keep in mind event listings might not stay there forever, or even indexed, so the venue itself will get more value out of this site. is one of the hottest looking event sites on the market with all the bells and whistles of a social network. Did I mention they also have a very active iPhone application? To top it all off events and venues can and will get the benefit of the followed link on your listings page. Going gets a good amount of traffic according to Alexa, but I imagine that`s not even coming close when you factor in the mobile application and RSS subscribers. is another slick and easy to use event platform that has some sort of relation to I say this because of some linking they have going on, as well as their platforms both seem to be the same CMS, or at least a spin off of it. provides all the usual goodies that are the same as the other sites which includes followed links, social media tools and a decent sized user base.  I didn’t see a mobile application for the events and they did appear to have some widgets you can use, but the link was 404ing at the time of me writing this post.



More Event Sites:

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8 Responses to Link Building With Event Websites

  1. Geoffroe says:

    Excellent resources here. Way to give it away!

  2. Hotel SEO says:

    Craigslist has an events section as well!

  3. This article looks really good……the way you have explained it is really great thanks…great job…i have gone through all your articles you have posted here they are pretty good….i love it

  4. Buckdat says:

    Do you understand this would result in massive spamming on these sites? Anyway, I have tried this in past and I am of the opinion that these links would have link authority equal or less than Angelas packets.

  5. Linkbuildr says:

    The only reason I decided to list them all was due to the uniqueness of the sites. You can't spam these as easily, and these sites still presents a good spot for legit business to take place. The links in the beginning will of course have little value, but as a venue you can build your page to be quite authoritative.

    But you're right Buck, I've had to stop listing so many resources just for the reason of over spamming.

  6. Buckdat says:

    Glad you agree. Any such non meritorious links lose their authority over a period of time. However, I do agree that they make excellent themed links but the only thing is that they have very less half life. They tend to fall out to Google's cache as the time passes by. With cache, I mean Webmaster interface. I think these links would be treated in same fashion as directory links are.

    I suggest reading the following-

  7. Linkbuildr says:

    I agree again for the most part. The one thing I'll stick to is if a venue like Madison Square Gardens, you'll see in their backlink profiles some juicy links that have stuck around for a very long time. As long as the business has a lot of events it should work out to an advantage..hopefully the people won't do a lot of drive by social spamming but we all know they will sadly.

  8. Linkbuildr says:

    Our client who relies on a lot of events now is showing these sites as their most juicy links :)

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