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October 20  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Elgg is one of the most popular open source social networking platforms, and for good reason. Elgg has seen a lot of development and the most recent 1.0 version is nothing to snicker at! I’ve been using it for a project and I really like what they have done with the platform in regards to features, and what I think is most important, speed due to the efficiency of code. Now I’m aware blackhats are actively exploiting the Elgg platform mainly due to one reason, everything is pretty much do follow. I’ll be straight forward and mention, as I always do, that I do not condone spamming but adding relevant comments or content to the social platform. If you do a Google search for powered by Elgg you will find well over 50,000 sites that are powered by the social networking sofware.


Elgg is an open, flexible social networking engine, designed to run at the heart of any socially-aware application. Building on Elgg is easy, and because the engine handles common web application and social functionality for you, you can concentrate on developing your idea.

Elgg is open source. That means, when you use Elgg, you have the benefit of being part of a large developer community, with the security and stability that hundreds of eyes can provide. It’s also headed and used by Curverider and its partners, so you can be assured that it’s in commercial use and will cope with the demands of a popular application. read more…

It runs on Apache, PHP and MySQL – the same open source platform that the majority of web applications are written in. Elgg is compatible with enterprise technologies like the Zend Platform and any server environment that can run the Apache web server.

We believe in an open, distributed, social web. As a result, Elgg supports technologies like OpenDD, OpenID and OpenSocial, and we are directly involved in community efforts to push the envelope when it comes to data portability, federation and the user experience. Elgg is a great way to future-proof your social applications.

Elgg was founded by Ben Werdmuller and David Tosh, and has been powering networks since 2004.

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  1. Dennis Edell says:

    Blackhatters end up destroying them as many put back the no follow because of them.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Comment Issue Temporarily Fixed – That’s Where The Good News Ends

  2. Elgg Websites are very sensitive and specially do not allow spamming!

  3. Zookii says:

    My next social networking project will be on Elgg.

  4. Waw, interesting info sir.. i must try to join elgg
    thanks for info

  5. Yep,,,i am agree,,,thanks for your nice post. Lifestyle on the net

  6. Thanks your reference about elgg. I just hear elgg link building. it's look great to learn

  7. Rover_45_Parts says:

    Thanks for sharing a great list of resources.

  8. Elgg is also very simple, but it is slow down sometime

  9. Neo Cambell says:

    I have installed elgg. As said, I agree, it is simple. But it is not yet up to the standard. First thing, the standard template is horrible. They would have put more effort on the interface. I'm still looking for a free social networking script…..

  10. Elgg is becoming advance more..

    kitchen cabinets

  11. Not so good anymore.

  12. SEO Services says:

    Link building is the essential element of running SEO campaign as it helps to higher the ranking of your site if it will be done professionally.

  13. Rich Urban says:

    I agree, however, you can search for “elgg templates” there are a few really good templates

  14. Darcy Wills says:

    I am a big fan of Elgg .This is easy to use it, but it sometimes slows down…(

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