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February 27  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve written a post before about link building with your resume and have found a lot of resources on the web to build on. I just noticed a newish site out there that is really well put together, and allows dofollow links. is the place I’m talking about and it’s 100% free and web 2.0 styled and practiced. This site pretty much covers every aspect of a resume, and link building with it is just a perk really. The features are so plentiful I had to make a bulletin list!

  • Dofollow links within your resume
  • More than 200 templates to stylize your online resume
  • The ability to publish via the web, pdf, word or video!
  • Video resumes
  • Your own subdomain for your resume
  • Promotion through buttons, widgets, badges and their own Facebook App
  • The entire site is multilingual
  • FREE
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  1. mysmartweb says:

    thats amazing really i was very greedy about my website promotion on the web.i think i have got the diamond this time.

  2. name badges says:

    it looks like a nice idea and i think it should be tried once keep posting like this

  3. Anonymous says:

    There are a number of good points in this article. I’ve always wanted to follow a systematic approach to this. This post will definitely help in that. Link building helps a lot to make your indexed in search engines easily and you get lot more web traffic from other sources.

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