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I’ve just finished helping a client with her site that was selling products geared towards women, and I’ve learned quite a bit. I’ve learned that women are very savvy when it comes to researching and buying online, and they love to social network. In the past I’ve based a lot of my niche blogs after shopping for my girlfriend mainly because I know a lot of men do affiliate marketing, and it gave me a different perspective. I may be going out on a limb here when I say this, but I think women follow trends a little more then us men which can provide a good avenue for making money online. I’ve dabbled into such niche’s as handbags, diet products, cosmetics and shoes. So after doing a bunch of link building and SMM for my latest client I thought I would put up this post.

Social Networks & Media Sites For Women: is on of the most authoritative and oldest social networking sites for women and it’s a must if you’re writing content. This site has pretty much everything including forums, articles and blogs on just about every topic that matters. This is a great place to create content and if you’re promoting a brand this is the place to be. I haven’t spent much time to see where you can build links, but so far the only place I can see is in the forums. is the place to be for fashion, style and beauty and is a very large network. The site gets over 40 million readers a month which should be plenty of potential for marketing. With Glam you can setup your own profile, blog and join the forums. You can get a dofollow link on your profile as well in your blog posts which is great if you’re a writer. There are so many users on here you should have 0 problem networking with like minded people. If you write something good you stand a chance to be featured on the front page with a link to your blog…expect traffic and a strong link! is a social networking and media site for professional women from all areas of business and life. This is a great place to network with professionals, promote your resume and business through blogs, forums and articles. Among all this you can get dofollow links within your blog posts and profile which makes it an added bonus. This is a place for great content so please join only if you have something worthy to contribute to the community. is pretty much the Myspace for moms! If you want to connect with other mothers from around the world and share photos, blog entries and products you can do all of this here. The site has a ton of members and you can keep a journal or write a blog all included with dofollow links within that, as well as your profile. I have a new project I’ve been working on which includes a few baby products, so I’ll be fully testing this one out later. is a social network for parents that’s funded by Nickelodeon and features mostly articles and tips for parents. The user profiles are viewed only when signed in so there’s no SEO benefit there, but this is a powerful place to promote content. You are encouraged to write about products and tips for parents which you can include a link to, but they are all nofollow. But when it comes to marketing you have to think past the link and focus on great content to attract the user. is another very active social network for parents, but mainly moms. This is a great place to get your content out as well link to products or your blog. Keep in mind this site is nofollow but still a great place to promote your content. If you write something good enough you can be featured on the main page which drives a lot of quality traffic, so make sure to write something great. This is another place I’ll be marketing a few baby products with and I’ll let you all know how it goes. is a social networkin and media site geared towards the teens and young 20 somethings. This site features everything you can imagine from user profiles to blogs, forums, videos, chat and so much more. This is a great place to blog about your products and tips for teens, and if you’ve done your research, you’ll know that this age demographic is a very productive one. Influencing this generation will result in sales galore! The user profiles are for signed in members only, but you can get dofollow links within your blog posts which do get indexed. is a growing social network for moms and parents but is heavily dominated by active moms. This site has all the features like blogs, microblogging, question & answers, forums and advice. This is a great place to connect with like minded people and you can get dofollow links from a couple of ways. To start you get a blog which provides dofollow links within the content, or you can submit your external blog’s RSS feed right into your profile. You can also add a link to the advice section of your own posts or someone elses by using the “add external link” feature at the bottom of the post. is a social news portal site that looks like it runs on Pligg and is set to nofollow, but is a great place to get traffic. It is 100% community driven and works the same as you’d expect most of the other sites out there. Not too sure about the name though….seems a little strange. is another social networking and media site for Mom’s that has all the features you could need. This site is not as big as some of the others but has more than enough users to reach out to. One of the features they have over others is a decently active classifieds section, so if you’re selling something you can make use of it without getting in trouble. It seems you can get dofollow links within your blog posts and they can be pushed to the frontpage for extra exposure. is a social news portal that delivers on topics like style, health and parenting for women. Kirtsy is a very active social site that although nofollow’s its links, still provides a burst of targeted traffic to your site. If you can make the front page you’re in for a treat, and a decent amount of traffic that will be 99% women. is another digg clone for women that is the only one I could find that provides a dofollow link to your website. PrettySocial is free to join and you’ll be pleased to hear has a lot of user activity so if you submit something good, you stand a great chance of hitting the front page. By the looks of its Alexa ranking, you should expect a few hundred hits to your submitted content if it goes viral.

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