Link Building Reads For Mid May 2010

May 15  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been feverously reading some bloody fantastic articles on link building this month and I might as well do it, even though Wiep does it so much better. The Summer season seems to be hitting Vancouver already, so you can imagine I had to fight the urge to get all this reading done! The face of marketing online is changing at a scary pace, and link building has an interesting future ahead. Due to this, I’ve been working on a few posts in regards to link building + real time marketing + who cares about link juice, so look out for that article soon. If you folks think I missed out on a must read article, drop it in the comments and I’ll be sure to link it up. Just make sure you don’t send me shit!

First up I’d like to thank all the folks at the Search Engine Journal and Search and Social for putting on the Web Awards, and thanks to all who voted. I came in 3rd for best link building blog of 2010 and couldn’t be more happy, especially since I’ve had a slower writing year. Debra Mastaler came in 1st place, and Wiep easily snagged second and I just sneaked into 3rd. The competition that was up was hard to match and the other blogs in the awards such as Eric Ward and Garrett French should be bookmarked right friggin now!

Reads For May 2010:

A Link Ain’t Just A Link Anymore via Mediadonis (MUST READ)

Link Builder’s Guide Competitive How-To Content Analysis via Search Engine Watch

Link Building With Event Websites via Linkbuildr

What is Content Based Link Building All About via Cornwall SEO

Link Building Is All About Asking One Question via Wiep

Some Backlinks Deserve To Have Their Backs Scratched via Daily SEO Tip

7 Ways To Use Keywords To Design A Link Campaign via Vertical Measures

6 Steps Before You Start Link Prospecting via Huomah

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