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January 23  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Well you may have noticed that this week has a been a little slow with updates except for my lengthy Video Marketing & SEO post, and I apologize to you folks. I thought I would make this quick post with some links to a few great posts that have been out recently within the blogosphere. I would also like you folks to participate by leaving links to some great content in the comments here because I know I won’t be able to get everything in here. Since I’ve launched my link building services I’ve had non stop clients coming in so it has sadly slowed down my posting abilities.

Link Voodoo is almost launching version 1.1 which is the addition to our backlink analyzer. Like I stated in the last update we were having some issues getting the data back and forth from the server to the browser, but we’ve got it working without a browser plugin and it’s almost ready! We will be needing a few good beta testers before it goes fully public so contact me if you’re interested. We’re looking for SEO consultants and other link builders who do a lot of analyzing to apply because we need to try and break her.

I’ll be offering Video SEO services to go along with my link building consulting, so get in touch if you’re interested in being my test subject at a discounted rate. This will include either half assed movie content made by my team, or you can hire out to have a video made for me to do my magic on. This services is great for affiliate marketers as well companies looking to let customers put a face or gimmick to your name.

Link Building Must Reads:

1) Collin Lahay – Increase Website Traffic With Forum Marketing

2) Ann Smarty – Clean Up Your Link Profile Before Starting A New Link Building Campaign

3) Michael Martinez – The Microsite Mistake – Mistaking Microsites for Mistakes

I just discovered Michael Martinez’s blog called SEO Theory and I would highly recommend it to everyone after reading his work. Michael writes really well and I learned a lot in the short time I’ve spent reading already.

4) Derek Edmond – 30 Old Ways To Gain New Links in 2009

5) Eric Ward – When Link Rehabilitation Is A Viable Option

6) Dev Basu – The Perfect Link Request

7) Ann Smarty – 5 Link Building Tactics You Probably Don’t Use But Should

So like I stated above I want you folks to link in the comments to other great posts that should be read that I missed. I’ll be working my ass off this weekend on my clients so it won’t be until next week I get to writing a few more good posts. I have 74 drafts on link building methods I need to catch up on, so I do have ideas! I’m also looking for a few good guest bloggers anytime, so get in touch!

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