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August 14  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Well I’ve been offering Podcast marketing for my clients lately and I’m having a lot of good success and positive feedback. If you have a podcast and would like to get it exposed a little more all the while building links from podcast directories and search engines. A lot of the Podcast directories have a great PR and a ton of link juice ready to be passed on.

First and foremost go with the age old gem of a tactic and join a few, or all, of the forums within your Podcast’s niche and get involved. Make a few solid replies to topics or get right in it and start off some new threads, but the whole point is to build some sort of a post count up. Get your Podcast in your forum signature to advertise to the thousands of people on the forums.

I won’t go into huge detail and list off 100 podcast directories, but you’re link building maniacs so you know the drill. If you want more than provided, hit up Google to sniff out all the other Podcast directories. For now I’ve made sure to list off the top Podcast directories that will not only bring you links, but actual listeners.

pr5 Podcast.comSubmit Here

pr8 – Submit Here

pr6 Submit Here

pr7 Submit Here

pr5 Submit Here

pr5 Submit Here

pr8 Submit Here

pr7 Itunes Submit Here

pr4 Podcastdirectory.orgSubmit Here

pr7 – Submit Here

pr7 – Submit Here

If you’re making a quality Podcast speciliazing within your niche, then you should try and get it listed on a relevant Wikipedia page. I’ve seen a ton of legit and well done podcasts listed in Wikipedia and there shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re *not spamming*.

Don’t forget to use Google search to find literally hundreds of Podcast directories for you to add your Podcast as well get links back to your site.  And finally I’ve been experimenting with a link trading technique which is quite simple….trading a verbal link in the Podcast for a blog post on a related niche blog. I’ve had a lot of success contacting blog owners within my niche and setting up an arrangement to either have them on the show, or plug something they have going in exchange for a post about the Podcast.

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