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October 5  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

How many of you are link building on a team? I fall into that category and work with 2 other local business partners for my clients. We currently use Google Docs and a shared spreadsheet to manage out link building efforts, but this gets really messy. After 3-5 months of working on a client you can imagine how cluttered that spreadsheet is. As well, after that amount of time you’re bound to start running into the same places to build links.

Use the Link Manager to track your link building efforts. Record links efficiently using the Add Link form — available via the Raven Web Application and its companion Firefox Toolbar. Easily manage the link status, contacts and tasks related to each link.

Create link records that auto-fill data for you, including link and website details. You can also have Raven check to see if any changes have occurred on an active link. If the nofollow attribute was added, the anchor text changed, the PageRank changed, or the link was removed – Raven will automatically alert you.

The amount of hours that go into building links can get ridiculous, and the last thing you want to do is back track. With more than a couple people working on the same link campaign I find that wading through a large spreadsheet just isn’t working well anymore.
So with that being said check out this video to see how Raven SEO manages keeping track of your link building efforts, and if you like it get on board! There is currently a price drop going on until December 31st, and if you’re still not sure sign up for a free trial.

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  1. We just started using Raven SEO tools last month and we love them. They are a real time saver and help to make great looking SEO reports.

  2. Hey, that voice is me! :) Thanks for the very kind post…we truly hope that the tools can save folks as much time as possible in their campaigns so they can do what they were actually hired to do and not waste half of their time either reporting or trying to ensure they didn't step on someone else's web footprint.

    Thanks again!

  3. linkbuildr says:

    thanks Alison..I actually meant to put your contacts in the post..I will do so today. I'm trying to get more coverage for you folks. Jon gave me access last year and I was so busy and lazy at the same time I never gave the coverage I should have.

  4. xiaoke says:

    i use the SEO tools for just one week,i need you come for my website of course,and i will give you all access however busy i am,thanks!

  5. xiaoke says:

    hello,i read the website for one week aleady,i will be here for more times,and hop more connetion with each other!

  6. A really good tool, which I regularly use is called SEO Elite. It has the features, which you are talking about and it's pretty affordable.

  7. i should try this one someday

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