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September 4  |  Niche Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been working on a Canadian clients blog for the past couple of weeks and I’ve been putting together a list of places to link build for Canadian sites. In this day and age you’re going to need relevant links to boost your site within a certain country. So Canada is our target country and the land of good beer, hot women and strong weed is relatively untapped. Ranking within wasn’t too hard for my clients target niche, and it didn’t take more than a couple hundred backlinks to dominate every keyword they wanted. Keep in mind the lists I’m making public are not quite the one I’ve got in its entirety, but it should give you enough work to do for a few days as well give you what you need to look for.

Canadian Web Directories:

PR4 Web Directory – Submit Here

PR4 Web Directory – Submit Here

PR4 Directory – Submit Here

PR4 Web Directory – Submit Here

PR3 Directory – Submit Here

PR2 Web Directory – Submit Here

PR2 Web Directory – Submit Here

Canadian Article Directories: Article Directory – Sign Up Article Directory – Sign Up Article Directory – Sign Up

Canadian Social Bookmarking Sites:

PR5 – Submit News (No Follow, Lotsa Traffic)

PR5 – Submit News

Canadian Press Release Distribution:

PR7 – Send PR

PR3 – Send PR

PR2 – Send PR

Do Follow Blog Posts:

There are plenty of do follow blogs, you can find them with commentluv

Forums in Canada:

You can most likely find a few forums within your niche with phpbb

and of course the easiest way to find a whole bunch of Vbulletin Vbulletin

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5 Responses to Link Building For Canadian Websites

  1. neil says:

    interesting to know that link building is geographical also!

  2. First time here, really enjoyed your site. I waste alot of time on link building sites, it is nice
    to find a all in one site. I bookmarked alot of your resources, and will be back. I will be using this site as a regular resource site. It was a real surprise to see Canadian content, it is very difficult to find any real popular Canadian content for these type of sites….I am Canadian, and I’m impressed.
    If anyone has any other real estate canadian content, I would love to know.
    Thank You

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Joey..I did it because I’m Canadian :) I have a lot more resources for Canadians and I’m always open to do contract link building if you ever need some help!

  4. Thanks for posting all those links. Now it helps me to boost my site. Especially it takes Canada, as the first target of my site. I’m going to follow this blog and get the latest updates. Thanks!

  5. Climax Media says:

    Hey Ryan, thanks for the resources. We have our own list of sites, but there are a few gems in here that are woth checking out.

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