Link Building Chart That Makes For Easy Explanation

January 16  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I know there are a lot of people out there that “get” internet marketing these days. But as a link builder, do you still run into people who have a hard time understanding what it is you “do?” Ever gotten a laugh and a “what is that” when you tell people you’re a link builder?

No? Hmm… must just be me then.

Since we are link builders, we know the process isn’t that hard to understand. But making the whole process easier to grasp for all those people new to this form of Ninjitsu can be difficult. This past March, my internet marketing company put together a trusty chart to make the whole process easy to understand.

I’m an employee, so obviously I have one on my wall. The chart is a great visual aide for explaining all the different ways to get links across the internet. Not to mention the design – a very “Nifty 50’s” feel (like a diner menu – greasy fingerprints not included)! Without giving too much away, our link building menu features the following “a la carte” options for getting links:

  • Link Bait
  • Social Communities
  • Paid/Trade Links
  • Cherry Picking Links
  • Content Submissions

The chart also features some downloadable programs and specific web sites for getting started with link building (you can download the chart there, also). In case you’re interested in taking a quick peek at the chart, you can check it out and download it – free – in PDF format. LinkBuildr isn’t the only site that has given this chart the “thumbs up” either – it’s been featured on SEO Book and the SEO 101 podcast, too. A little known link builder by the name of Stuntdubl also had some positive praise for it.

While not new to the practice of SEO when I started at ProspectMX, I definitely had a lot to learn about link building. I found the chart to be easy to understand then, and I still refer to it every now and then when my brain starts to get stale in one area. It’s never bad to have a reminder right in front of you!

Thanks to Ryan for allowing me to hop on his site and take a second to mention our chart. If you download it and find it useful, feel free to use it to explain to your mom or household pet how you do your job. The chart also works in meetings with C-levels that initially think link building involves little more than having their little princess point a link to daddy’s website from her Facebook profile.


Jonathan Bentz is a link builder for ProspectMX, an internet marketing company in Pennsylvania. If you’re hip to Twitter and enjoy mindless ramblings about fantasy baseball and internet marketing, feel free to follow me – @jonathanbentz. Chances are good I might follow you back.

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  1. This is a great summary of what we do. I think I will print this out and post it up.
    P.S The retro style is "neat-o".

  2. Thanks, that is a great chart. I'll also be printing it out and putting it up right next to my desk… looks to be a very helpful source of inspiration.

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