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August 16  |  Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve just published a Squidoo lens on my favorite link building blogs and I’d like others to send in links to be put on the lens. If you want to link back to the lens feel free as I will be also building some links to the page to give it some juice. I created the custom rss feed with mashing up all my favorite blog feeds and combining them with RSS Mix. I’ve also left the guestbook open for commenting and the ability to place content relative back links within the comments. If anyone has anything to add at all, or wants to input their own module into my page I would be fine with that.

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8 Responses to Link Building Blogs Squidoo Lens

  1. Isn’t there a module where you can let people leave their own links? I think there is and that is way easier than having people send their links to you and then you having to put them in on your lense.

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  2. neil says:

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  3. jemes mccarth says:

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    Link building helps indirectly, with the communications: Once a web page links are automatically means that only trusted sites to increase your reputation in the market as well. Reputation management in itself, because the company SEO services that hire workers to check an online marketplace for both forums, comments, etc. to see if a bad comment on it, for example, that could ruin the credibility of the business. Even a single negative comment, the company can get is a bad place to search engine results page.

  5. Annika23 says:

    The links are not created equal, no doubt, which means that some links that are generated will be more useful than others. Specifically, you should try to build links and others as a way inbound links. Those who go directly to your website from another website without the alternative action are more powerful than reciprocal links or bidirectional.

  6. Blog commenting is an extension of a company’s branding because comments are linked directly to the website, and the quality of the comments being posted reflects on the brand. That’s why businesses make poor decisions when they insist on automating blog commenting. 

  7.  Yes blog commenting is a good way to create effective back links but your comment should be relevant. Relevant comment will increase the popularity of the company.

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