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April 27  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I recently had the pleasure in reviewing Mark Thompsons new link building goldmine for businesses of all sizes. I imagine Mark’s target market are the smaller to medium sized businesses who don’t have the budget for a consultant, or in house SEO. Instead, if you have sometime and Internet know-how, you’ll be able to kick off a pretty damn impressive link building campaign all on your own.

This toolkit is designed to make link building a straight forward process with an easy to follow system that you can manage on your down time. I’d recommend setting a goal for doing only so many tasks per day, getting in done in the mornings, your lunch hour or after hours. After a couple months your site should be dominating the local search market, your niche or whatever you’re going after.

What I really like about the toolkit is the diversity. You get the usual good stuff like directories, bookmarking sites, PR sites, coupon sites and SO much more. The second best part? All of it has been filtered for quality so you know you’re not wasting your time submitting to low end websites.

  • Over 160 Blog Directories (Download the Blog Directories Tab for Free!)
  • Over 30 Classified Sites
  • Over 100 Content Sharing Sites
  • Over 80 Coupon/Deal Sites
  • Over 400 Directories
  • Over 40 eBook Sites
  • Over 25 Event Sites
  • Over 30 Forum Sites
  • Over 50 Local Sites
  • Over 40 Photo Sharing Sites
  • Over 35 Podcast Sites
  • Over 300 PR/Article Submission Sites
  • Over 35 Q&A Communities
  • Over 65 Review Sites
  • Over 60 RSS Submission Sites
  • Over 50 Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Over 50 Social Community Sites
  • Over 45 Shopping Sites
  • Over 35 Twitter Sites
  • Over 35 Video Sharing Sites
  • Over 60 Free Website Creation Sites
  • Over 15 Wiki Sites

As you can see this is a killer list that will take some time to complete.  I highly recommend taking the time to put the effort into your link building time here, and make sure to create quality content to spread around. A lot of these link building methods will require the content, so be prepared to factor that into either cost or time on your behalf. When you think about it, it’s still WAY cheaper than hiring me or another consultant.

Twitter: Stay On Search
Cost: Currently 30% off for only $17.49 USD

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3 Responses to Link Builders Toolkit For Your Business

  1. paulgee says:

    I picked this up as I thought it might be worth a look and I must say that for $17 you can't really go wrong. It's packed full of those 'rainy day'; links that are easy to get when you aren't feeling super motivated to do some link building.

    It's an awesome list of links that will form the foundations of any link building campaign.

  2. gudipudi says:

    I would not agree with paulgee, when i checked the blog directories …I was surprised to see that sites like sphinn, digg are also included…..Are they really considered as blog directories ?

    Ryan, i wish if you would have checked the list before posting this on your blog. I really respect the quality of your blog posts but not the above one

  3. Moe says:

    You guys are great.  I will look into the toolkit.  I have a fairly good understanding of what I am supposed to be doing because after all I found you guy.  Thanks for all the great info.

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