Let Your Customers Do Your Marketing

October 26  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

In a world of unstoppable social media you have to sometimes sit back and let your brand take off. For large corporations, this can be an easy task due to the amount of fans out there armed with a video camera and some wifi. In this case, McDonald’s got some free advertising from the The LOL Boys in form of a little rap track parody of Rick Ross’s “Hustlin“. While the song is slightly NSFW due to language, this shouldn’t matter anymore….at all! This is something the corporation would most likely never do( in North America anyway) in this current day an age, so sit back and enjoy the free PR. I know McDonald’s is heavily geared towards children, but what’s worse…a little swearing and a large black man naked in a tub of cheeseburgers, or the actual content the food is made of? By the end of the week this video might see a million views, so listen up McDonald’s and send these boys some Bic Mac coupons!



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  1. Geoff says:

    I am reminded of the infamous Puma ad that ran a few years ago. Because it was so risque, puma never claimed responsibility but it is very possible they did in fact release it. Another tip for viral marketers is to have these sort of things commissioned and deny all contact with the contractor. Like the US Government does with Blackwater…

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