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KeywordLuv WordPress Plugin Review

August 22  |  Wordpress SEO  |   Ryan Clark

Now here’s another cool WordPress plugin to help attract quality comments and share some link love. After you read this post you can see this plugin in action right after the CommentLuv section, and you’ll see what a nifty and quick hack it is. So basically this plugin separates your name from the anchor text you want to get some link love on. This plugin is compatible with WordPress 2.2 and up, but if you are not running a version that new you should most likely upgrade ASAP!

*Update* It isn’t working with my theme, even with the option for non compatible themes turned on*

Download The KeywordLuv Plugin.

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30 Responses to KeywordLuv WordPress Plugin Review

  1. I think it’s a great plugin that hasn’t gained much popularity (as of yet)

  2. Thanks to the article, Now there is more reason to comment than ever before! Everyone should participate. I am incorporating what your wrote to our project!

  3. keywordluv is proven winner of a plugin, I use it on my blogs and it gets me more comments.

  4. refpowa says:

    Great review !
    You won a new reader,long life for your blog :)

  5. HI,
    I love the keywordluv.
    Keywordluv is a great way for people to leave keywords in the name without feeling guilty for it

  6. netultimate says:

    this plugin will really helpful in SEO

  7. I agree that KeywordLuv is a great WordPress plug-in but I wish that it wasn't so attractive to spammers. Since I've started using it,, the comments on my blogs increased tremendously but so did the junky spams.

  8. cool games says:

    This keywordluv plugin is great i have to say, have all the good words for it :)

    Its my favourite plugin. I am getting a lot more related quality comments on my blog and it really motivates people to comment a lot and leave quality comments.

    I highly recommend it for all bloggers

  9. KeywordLuv is the best plugin that ive been able to find trough all my searches :)

    It brings me a lot of traffic and quality comments and i would highly recommend it to any webmaster that wants to have quality comments and visitors :)


  10. KeywordLuv WordPress plugin is an execellent tools unless people start using this as another spam tool. However, moderation work increases after you install this “do-follow” tool on your blog.

  11. Great site I am a big fan as well. These plug-ins are awesome I use them on all my blogs. It provides great new content and a good way to get backlinks. I think everyone should use these plug-ins!nter text right here!

  12. cool games says:

    Keywordluv rocks ;)

    I am using it on my blog and i think its one of the best keywords as it rewards commentators, nice review too.

    P.S. If you can mess around with php a bit i guess you would get it to work with your theme also, but i think that you should keep your theme also since its neat and clean.

  13. kenlordi says:

    For those looking to add “follow” links to their site should visit my site at which is running several WordPress plugins. Those that wish to be rewarded with a “follow” link to their site need to just leave a comment at under the existing “Do Follow Blog, Comment Luv, Keyword Luv” post.

  14. just wondering will google sand box your website if they find that all your backlinks are from keyword luv?, as isnt keyword luv cheating the system, for example if I get a 1000 backlinks from keyword luv blogs that's unrelated to my site would google still rank my site higher ?

  15. keyword luv is great it gets you the backlinks that you need for your websites and more traffic, and it also get the blog more comments which is great for the blogger. Thanks for the luv.

  16. Link Building is one of the most significant aspect of the off page optimization process and is a major determinant of the popularity of your site. For search engines, back links or links pointing to your website indicate that you are 'hot' in the online marketplace.

  17. Motion trip says:

    Wow……….Thanks for using keyword luv. These plugins are fabulous. This blog is awesome. Thank you for the link.

  18. öksürük says:

    keyword luv is great it gets you the backlinks that you need for your websites and more traffic, and it also get the blog more comments which is great for the blogger. Thanks for the luv.

  19. öksürük says:

    keyword luv is great it gets you the backlinks that you need for your websites and more traffic, and it also get the blog more comments which is great for the blogger. Thanks for the luv.

  20. Marketing Digital says:

    Yes, keyword luv has many advantages, both to the blogger and the comment poster. Blogger can get comments for his post and as a result more popularity. Similarly comment poster has the advantage of getting links for his business. Thanks for enabling keyword luv..

  21. Motion Trip says:

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  23. Pinkpoppy31 says:

    Hi there…I was wondering if someone could advise if keywordLuv is still available?  I notice blog comments with people saying how great it is including those mad in the last month and yet when i go to wordpress it says no longer available…..Im a bit confused here?????

  24. DPS Yamunanagar says:

     Thank you very much to share this information.
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  25. Samara says:

    I have used  this but according to my experience.Disqus is better than this.Its easy to understand & approve your comments in short time period.

  26. It really helps in SEO. I am also quite impressed with commentluv

  27. avigna says:

    Than q for a good post keywordluv, good information

  28. payal kalkal says:

    thanku for such good tips and want to know some more this kinds tips for SEO..

  29. Points Rummy says:

    HI, I have updated my wordpess version for comment luv, thanks for sharing the information.

  30. social network sites says:

    Great lugin . its very useful and helpful post .  i always time use this plugin  .

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