5 Internet Marketing Youtube Users Worth Following

February 2  |  Link Building Videos  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been posting a lot of great videos from the fine folks in this industry, and I thought I’d do a roundup post to let you all know of my favorites. I constantly download these videos and take them with me while I travel, but mostly watch before I go to bed at night. I’d like to pay back some of these content producers with some link love, as well as some publicity because they deserve it. Not everyone an get on video, especially at a conference, and put forth a fresh and unique presentation. There are already thousands of SEO and marketing videos on Youtube, but only a small percentage are worth the viewing.

While I wish we could list ourselves on here, I have not yet made the effort to start video blogging. To those who have, you got some gusto because getting on camera isn’t the easiest thing in the world. When you work as much as I do, you also don’t also look good enough to appear behind the lens. Those who can do it for more than 20 minutes just blow my mind, so hopefully I put you folks onto some of the best of the best.

Chris Cemper’s Youtube Channel

How Chris makes the time to do his amazing videos beyond me. If he isn’t busy running his marketing firm, or working hard to promote his Link Research Tools, you can find him on his channel giving away some great insight. He has a handful of videos and thankfully, he gives away tons of useful advice that’s more than helpful.


Wil Reynolds from SEER Interactive:

Wil has been featured on the blog many times with his videos, and this won’t be the last. He definitely over does himself in a good way when it comes to presentations. He’s the guy who can do an hour in front of a crowd or video camera and always bring something new to the table. You won’t find him recommending the latest auto blog posting software, that’s one thing for sure. Wil’s topics cover advanced link building tactics that make big brands think outside the box.


Search Marketing Expo(SMX)

One of the best known Internet marketing conferences happens to also have one helluva Youtube channel jam packed with tons of videos. I find they’re also great at showcasing what kind of content you’re going to get if you so happen to choose to attend a SMX event. For those of you have their own videos from the conference, you should subscribe and share your content with them to help build the channel even more.


ReelSEO’s Youtube Channel

I’m a huge fan of the extremely good content that just oozes from all social orifices of ReelSEO’s blog and social accounts. I’m sure they’re just going to just love my description, but oh well it was the first thing that came to mind(I’m not Shakespeare). This company is the go to people for video marketing for anyone, so make sure you bookmark their site and stay informed on one of the most effective SEO tactics you can utilize today.


Google’s Webmaster Help

With over 300 videos tackling the SEO questions from real webmasters, this channel is a great addition to anyones subscriber list. You can see Matt Cutts here, as well as other Google employees helping site owners get over problems and clearing up issues. This channel is also updated at a great pace so I like to check back here monthly to makes sure I’m up to date on the issues at hand.

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