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Infographics are a popular and powerful way to share data, info or knowledge. They present complex information visually, making it easier to digest and more engaging to the reader. Infographics have been around for ages, appearing as maps, road signs, bar graphs, pie charts to weather reports. A perfect example is the “stick man” used for countless road and warning signs, is understood in any language.

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In the information-overloaded online world, infographics have become a dominate tool for communication and learning.  Today they can present factual info, data, statistics, concepts or opinions. They also often appear for just entertainment purposes, presenting facts and stats with a funny twist.

  • Popular form of presenting facts, stats, info or opinions
  • Easier way to digest content
  • More appealing that traditional articles
  • Less committing that informative videos
  • Perfect for social sharing and linkbait

bar chartInfographics have two main benefits, one for the creator and one for the reader. For the reader, they can quickly understand a concept, digest statistics or for just enjoy for entertainment value. When we create an info graphic for you, you reap the link bait/link building and brand exposure benefits. The appeal of infographics come its visual appeal without having to follow the rigid pace of a video. With a written article or slideshow, you have to commit to reading or viewing each slide. An infographic lets the reader scan or digest it at their own pace, with the images guiding the eyes and connecting the ideas. This also gives it an advantage to a video explaining facts, data or stats, which can be dry to present and even the commitment of a few minutes can deter a viewer. Infographics do not share the viewer hesitation found presenting the same info through video. Another great feature is the easy of sharing or reposting a infographic, giving you viral distribution as it serves as linkbait.

Linkbuildr will professionally turn data, info or stats you have into an attractive infographic. We can design based on your concepts or offer you proposals on our ideas. We also offer to research and gather data to present through your infographic on your behalf. Our service is also offered with a range of social media marketing and viral promotion for your infographic. Our price starts at $1000 for an original design with basic infographic marketing. Further social media marketing and viral promotion are available; please contact us for details and costs.
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  • Offered with a range of complementary online marketing options
  • Can create original designs based on your info
  • Can create the visuals based on your concepts
  • We also offer to do the research and create the concepts

Linkbuildr infographic service if offered alone, with its own marketing options, to match your budget, needs and goals.  It can also be integrated into a full Linkbuildr campaign or with any of our services.

We offer free proposals and quotes on all our work. Please contact us below, we are happy to discuss what we can do for you in through email, Skype or over the phone.

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