Iltech’s GTR R35 Markets Itself

August 18  |  Viral Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

As most of our followers will know I’m a huge motorsports fan, and I’m an even bigger Nissan GTR fan so writing about this was a joy! When it comes to attracting links, buzz and followers within your niche you have to do something unique right? Well in the tuner world the competition is fierce, so standing out is harder th an ever these days. The fine folks at Illtech Auto certainly have done a great job of making noise in just the right way…both on the web and with this monstrous beast of a machine.

So what’s a good lesson to learn from all this? Well them building this amazing car lead to them getting this video done which has nearly peaked to 1.6 million views! You couldn’t ask for better brand exposure, especially for this small tuning company. I took a look closer and this video hit a whole lot of forums and blogs, which in return generated a lot of natural delicious links. There’s not much more that I can write about except get inspired by this and know that one video done right can do you a lot of bloody good!

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2 Responses to Iltech’s GTR R35 Markets Itself

  1. Simon Gerard says:

    video marketing can be a great investment if you consider the ROI with free viral distribution. This video is great quality while still being personal and delivers what motorsport/ car tuner fans want to see. Illtech has also done well through facebook with over 1300 fans. The facebook stats on this video alone has 3743 likes, 9175 shares and 6441 comments. That’s amazing reach for a local business. And compare that to the the cost-effectiveness and reach of running it as a local TV commercial, this video is gold. 

  2. mauricio says:

    I like it. But I think I have enough money to buy it. Ouch!

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