How Does Google Treat Links From Social Sites

January 14  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark
Here’s the latest question that Matt Cutts got asked by Mani from Delhi. Mani is trying to see how Google treats links from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook…ok not a bad question. While it reminds me of the kind of crap you’d hear on Digital Point, it’s not a bad n00b question. What caught my ear was the point about how .edu and .gov links don’t pass any more value that some .com. So many people are under the illusion that extra link weight is giving to those domain extensions.


what a lot of people who are just getting into the world of link building must understand that it’s the domain’s overall stance that gives out a certain power of link juice. So why do people obsess about getting .edu and .gov links? Well that’s mainly because of the hype, but for the most part those .edu/gov pages have been indexed and around for years and years. Most websites don’t really deserve links from sites like these, and the spam to obtain them is going to do nothing but bring it all down.

What do you think?

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18 Responses to How Does Google Treat Links From Social Sites

  1. linkbuildr says:

    Matt Cutts week on linkbuildr…lol

  2. Issack says:

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  3. searchbrat says:

    Yes, the question is do you believe what matt cutts say … hmmm.

  4. linkbuildr says:

    Yea he's head of Google's Webspam team….I wish I could reach out and smack people for leaving comments sometimes =-/

  5. Interesting video, I didn't know about that facebook external link thing… I automatically expected those links to be NoFollow. I'll go have a scope in that later!

    I'm also slightly shocked about the .edu .gov section he mentions not carrying more weight… even if that's not true they're still great links to get a hold of mainly because of the sort of authority websites linking to them which is generally why you see them with huge homepage pageranks which in turn lead onto pretty decent inner page pagerank also.

    Great post =)

  6. searchbrat says:

    I was being sarcastic, maybe you should look it up. Most people spend their lives on forums begging for edu links, I was merely commenting this is how it will be perceiving by a lot of people.
    And don't be so quick to jump on your high horse. Shoemoney himself did a video (on your blog) and many other SEO gurus I know, buy up sites with links from both .edu and .gov sites because they see added value in them.
    Maybe you should refrain from “wanting to smack people” until you understand both the comment and history behind it ….

  7. searchbrat says:

    Exactly, it's not the .edu site itself, it's usually the link neighborhood it resides in that's so powerful. This is why they pass on such great PR.

  8. linkbuildr says:

    Ok now there we go searchbrat! I assumed from your first post you were just trolling with a comment like that. I was on a high spam horse that's for sure mainly because I get a shit ton of spam on here.

    So I'll put my nastyness aside and thank you for getting into it more. Matt Cutts is saying specifically an .edu or .gov won't pass more juice than say a .com/org. But those links are sought after because they've been indexed and linked to so much more so than 90% of the sites out there. So the extension itself per say won't pass off more juice.

  9. searchbrat says:

    No problem, my initial comment was quite vague and I understand the frustration at rubbish comments like that. Hopefully Googles announcement before Christmas on blog spamming will see a reduction in this.

  10. linkbuildr says:

    Ok now feel free to get me worked up on future posts because I wished I had more commenters like yourself who get into it…even if I'm an ass sometimes :)

  11. Just to follow up, I did have a little go on Facebook and edited the 'website' section under my personal bit… these links were NoFollowed as I expected… but I do remember a few months back reading either an article or tip somewhere that one of the pages on FB does pass juice… I'm fairly sure it's one of the group or 'fan' type pages… if I come across it again I'll let you know.

  12. linkbuildr says:

    Hey Jordan,

    You`re right, they recently changed it to make life a little harder. I`m a huge believer of high quality nofollow links still pass juice…maybe more than Matt would like to admit. I`ve seen some pretty crazy rankings from mostly nofollow high pr blog comments more than once.

  13. Thanks for sharing this information with us. What i think links from social websites are not so much effective rather than social bookmarking sites.

  14. I am agree with u. but Social bookmarking site have not much impact on link but little bit have a chance to boost your sites with the help of bookmarking.

  15. cigarmakers says:

    Keep it up. i hope?

  16. I think the reason why people believe that .edu and .gov pages give better link juice than other domains is that they are viewed as “authority” or “trusted” sites.

  17. very true. Bcoz these sites has trusted and good no of users.

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