Google vs Bing Round 2: Product Search

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February 9  |  Ecommerce SEO  |   Ryan Clark

I wanted to get into another round of Google VS Bing to take a look at what’s going on in the SERPs these days. I especially wanted to take a look at the long tail product search for something I was in the market to buy. With the recent duplicate content filters hitting Google’s results in the past couple of weeks, it should be an interesting peek into what’s going on.

For what I can tell, there are still a lot of silly results showing up, especially for specific long tail product searches. I’d expect to see a lot of shops focused on what I’m wanting to buy….sadly that was not the case. I still found a handful of thing affiliate sites with mashed Adsense and Amazon feeds…surprise surprise.

The results here should give good warning to Ecommerce owners to beef up there product page links.  For such specific search queries, I don’t want to see thin affiliate sites, and I’d rather buy from the most trusted looking site. Although a lot of people won’t mind clicking through an affiliate site, or even know really what’s going on, I do when looking for something specific.

So what am I in the market to buy? Well I’m in need of an authentic sheepskin rug, so not the IKEA kind. I want the goods from New Zealand, and I’m looking for just a single pelt to spruce up the condo here. There are tons of places you can get a real sheepskin rug, but I want only the best for pad. Let’s take a look at what both search engines brought me;

Google) Buy a real sheepskin rug:

As you can see about a third of these results were pleasing and actually on topic. The first result, although has the rugs, shouldn’t be there in my opinion. The sheepskin rug page for that shop should be returning for the number one spot…but really I would have thought Kiwi Sheepskins would be top ranking, especially since that shop has been around and established for a long time. The Hubpages result is a thin affiliate page stuffed with adds, not all lead to a real rug. As you can see from the other results, there is a whole lot of junk showing up. Way to go Google…not!

Bing) Buy a real sheepskin rug:

As you can see, Bing produces way better results except

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