Google VS Bing: Round 1

January 22  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

There has been a lot of complaining from webmasters around the world about Google’s quality in the search results, so I thought we could take a different scenarios and see for ourselves. I for one complain daily about Google, but mostly to the staff here and they’re getting pretty sick of it. We’ll take a look at different types of keywords and compare results to see what kind of useful information we’re getting back, especially for product reviews. I recently needed some information on a legit product for a personal reason, and I can say with Google I didn’t even come close to getting what I wanted.

Example 1) Buy Cialis on Google

We all know Xrumer backlink spamming is more rampant than ever, an the buy Cialis keyword is a perfect example of how Google can’t do anything about it.

Example 1) Buy Cialis on Bing

As you can see here there isn’t much difference in regards to hacked and spam sites ranking for this keyword on Bing. So it seems the same backlink schemes work here although there is an online pharmacy ranking number one this time, and not a .edu.

Regardless of the results, people will still get their dick pills. This kind of link spamming has been ruining all search engines slowly but surely, but all is not lost. In the next VS we’ll look at a few product review results and show that those are actually much cleaner these days. I’ve even noticed a huge positive clean up within Google for certain product review searches I’ve been monitoring, so stay tuned!

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