Gmail Voice + Video Chat For Link Building

August 25  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

I recently started using Google’s Voice & Video Chat for Gmail which is a welcomed free tool in my opinion… especially for us link builders. I tend to do a lot of direct emailing for clients, and the ability to have this kind of access to my link prospects is going to open things up quite a bit. With all those Gmail contacts you’re collecting I implore you to take a chance and try to chat with webmasters and site owners face to face. I’m sure by now a lot of you have cold called webmasters which we all know brings in mixed results. If it’s easy enough for Grandma, then it surely is easy enough for a skilled SEO such as yourself.


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  1. Love it that Google offers services like Google Voice, call phone, video chat and etc., services that people had once had to pay for before they could use it.

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