Google Dropping Your Ecommerce Product Pages?

August 28  |  Link Building Videos  |   Ryan Clark

Google and Ecommerce have been doing a lot of fighting lately, and if you own an Ecommerce shop you know what I’m talking about. The single most problematic issue with an online shop is of course making your content pages unique. With the recent Mayday update affecting Ecommerce sites quite a bit, you now more than ever have to stick out from the pack. Rand from SEOMoz gets all the credit for this video in which he describes so many cool ways to spruce of those product pages. If you’re dreading doing this, just thing about the long term and how it isn’t going to get any easier.


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3 Responses to Google Dropping Your Ecommerce Product Pages?

  1. I think!
    But Why Google dropping my Product Page? you have any detail on it
    Recently My product sale going down.I can't understand why my product didn't sale?

  2. Well, in some cases this is not true Google ask for uniqueness so if you try to introduce some new ways of advertising your products google will give a high ranking to your page plus it also depends upon the reviews of your product if they are good you will be ranked good by the google

  3. Dilek feneri says:

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