Google Caffeine Slowing Down Google Crawling Rates?

June 22  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I’m sure you’ve come here for a reason, you’ve also noticed the large drop in Google bot crawling activity going on in the past week or so. I’ve noticed it across just about all of my sites, and I’m hearing nothing but Google cursing coming loud and strong from webmaster forums across the web. While right now there is just mainly speculation as to what’s going on of course, but I thought I’d open up another avenue of discussion right here. While I have yet to hear something drastic happen to someones site, but it’s quite early to tell what is going on. Please leave your thoughts in the comments, or links to other useful webmaster discussions on the topic…apart from my links below of course!

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11 Responses to Google Caffeine Slowing Down Google Crawling Rates?

  1. I noticed the same but not on every website. I effectively have a big website (3 millions pages) which crawl was reduced by 4 or 5 (From 300 000 pages a day to 80/90 000 pages a day).
    On the other hand, another one had a reduced crawl in may, but really not so strong. The main difference between them : the one that was not impacted has very contents that vary everyday.
    At this time that's all. But sure, there seems to be an impact. Is it caffeine ? It's probably a bit early.

  2. I haven't noticed a huge difference, maybe the crawling is a little down but it seems that way across the board. I have also heard that some people who had auto blogs setup took a big hit in search engine rankings, yet I have not seen any data to verify this.

  3. bredbaand says:

    I think its a little to early to tell if its coffeine or what the course is, but yes a lot of my website also took a dive

  4. frisoer says:

    hehe caffeine a little to hurry at the keyboard ;-)

  5. Marco says:

    We have 22 sites. Crawling rate before the 15th of June was around 50K pages per day per site.
    The 15th at midnight the crawl rate dropped to 5K pages a day…. 10 times less than the average before.
    So, it is now 15 days that the crawl rate is really low and we notice since few days that traffic starts decreasing.
    Every comments help here is more than welcome.


  6. I noticed 3 days ago my blog dropped from page rank 1 to 0. Don't know if that's related or not.

  7. yaa here about Google bot crawling activity it is great.

  8. Frisør says:

    hehe caffeine a little to hurry at the keyboard ;-)

  9. Nice nice blog thanks 

  10. hehe caffeine a little to hurry at the keyboard ;-)

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