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February 10  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

One of the TLD’s I haven’t really paid much attention to is the .int code. We’ve all heard the debates about .edu and .gov links being more juicy than anything else. While this is only true if the site itself has got all the right elements to be what is called “authoritative”. The one thing I noticed about most of the sites allowed on the .int domain code is that these are serious websites with a lot of trust. There are over 60,000 pages indexed in Google from the .int TLD which means there is definitely some room for link building if the shoe fits. Scoring a link from a site on this domain code will most likely only be possible for 5% of you, and you’ll need to hunt hard.

So why am I talking about this domain code at all? Well basically after some backlink profile snooping I noticed a travel site getting a link from a very juicy page. The .int domain code is reserved for international treaty-based organizations so you know that the chances of these sites being an authoritative source is very high. Just make sure to turn on SeoQuake if you have it to make life easier. I say that only 5% of you will be in the position to acquire links from these websites.

You’re going to have to dig deep to find ways to connect with these organizations, some you may have already worked with in the past. The only advice I can offer is to see how other businesses are sniping links and take it from here. This is something you can’t spam, and you know that if you qualified for a link it is coming from a trusted source. If you’re part of a very large corporation, then who knows what opportunities that are hidden out there in the land of .int.

There are a few things you can start checking (pr6 links page..not too shabby) out to give you an idea of the little gems out there. A good deal of organizations have a links and or resources page, so if your company happens to be involved why not see if you can get a link?

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  1. Sigge Hermann says:

    Yo man thanks for the inspiration :-) I’ve just found like 1.7xx build able links with that tld :-)
    So now I’m gonna give my forum a huge link fuel injection 

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