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March 10  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

It has been a while since we’ve dropped an actual link building tip, so how about we finally give everyone something to work with? A lot of past tips just ended up getting spammed to death, so this is a good reason we stopped dropping linking tips. We will however give you folks a bone if there is something industry specific, or a moderated site that won’t end up in the spam bin. Today that website in question is, and they’re more than just a link building resource. I’m pleased to see what they’re doing with the site overall, and you can bet this social business platform is going places in 2011.

While it has been a mediocre year in growth for the site, it seems it is also the first this platform was deployed on the domain. The 2.0 revolution has brought on all sorts of new age business directories, but few are as nicely designed and thought out as this one. The only other company database I can think of that even comes close is Manta. I created our profile rather quickly as of today, so it isn’t the prettiest, but it does give you an idea what you can do on this powerhouse of a social network.

Besides getting your business page listed with them( which includes links), there is a whole whack of cool stuff you can do here. I’ll start by saying business networking opportunities are a plenty, and the questions & answers section is fully interactive. They have an articles section that is written by their team, but hopefully they’ll open it up to quality writers from companies listed on their site. I don’t see why they wouldn’t do this because it’s a great way to have amazing people write great content. All in all, you don’t want to miss out from listing your business with!

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  1. What are links worth in monetary value?
    I’m aware the answer to this question is not a straightforward one as there are many factors to be considered:

    Brand exposure
    Improved serp’s
    Sales from website referrals (as a result of improved serps) ETC

    But I was wondering if anyone has a method or formula for calculating what their inbound links are worth to their website? I know it can only ever be a guestimate but I have been asked to try and put a report together as part of a web development argument and I’m aware that this could be a mammoth task.

    Any hints/tips greatly appreciated :)

  2. Duncan says:

    Thanks for adding your profile to our site — and yes, you hit the nail on the head, we have some big things planned for 2011 and we’re very excited about what the next few months are looking like.

    I’m looking after our articles environment, and I’ve been trying to find some quality articles, blogs, and subject matter experts in the B2B arena — we take new articles with attribution and provide back-links as often as we can, so please feel free to contact in

    It’s pretty easy to find me — go to the articles section, and when you see articles by “Duncan C.” click on that name and send me a message. I’d be happy to answer anyone’s questions about the site.

    Thanks again

    Client Engagement Manager

  3. Linkbuildr says:

    Go check out or Majestic SEO..they all have formulas to determine what you need. I’d also recommend checking out Cemper’s

  4. Linkbuildr says:

    Thanks Duncan! Superb job with the site and when there’s new features or some PR, then hit us up for some more exposure!

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