Foursquare Brand Pages Are Here! Get Marketing

August 3  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

Foursquare just dropped the announcement that everyone can get their band pages up and running, and get up you should! Foursquare is still seeing a lot of growth due to a great idea, partnerships and a wicked platform. Brand pages allow for more user interaction and allows your fans get your updates and check-in deals via Twitter and Facebook as well…it’s just more streamlined and easier to take all in. While this won’t be for every business, those in the service industry should be jumping all over this right now.

Besides the benefits from a branding stand point, I wanted to let everyone know that you do get a few links out of it. This means a link to your homepage, as well as Twitter and Facebook! This type is a link is great in my books because it’s as natural as it gets, and you can only build the authority of you brand page. There are tons of great brands already on board like Tiffany & Co, NASA and Scanwhiches. I decided to take my favorite as an example so you can see what’s going on visually.

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6 Responses to Foursquare Brand Pages Are Here! Get Marketing

  1. Jahn S says:

    Great tip, I haven’t played around foursquare a lot myself but I’m going to look into it now. Are they followable links or no-follow?

  2. I have to be honest. I have never even hear of FourSquare because I have had my head buried in the sand, but if you can brand yourself with it, I’m on it.

    Thanks Ryan.


  3.  I loved what you have done here. The design
    is elegant, your stuff classy. Yet, you have got an edginess to what you’re
    offering here. Ill definitely come back for more.

  4. Well that’s really good news that Foursquare also launches Brand pages. Brand Pages playing an important role for Online Companies.

  5. Foursquare is growing so fast, it’s only a matter of time before it’s a full blown marketing channel for local businesses. What makes it useful is that even in small towns there are users checking in, leaving tips, and utilizing nearby deals. 

  6. They are not regular links. The value is reaching the userbase foursquare brings to the table. Every kid under 18 has foursquare on their phone and can find businesses by allowing foursquare to know their location. So it’s free visibility, great quality visibility, and it’s only going to grow in popularity. If Foursquare’s API is utilized like it should be, businesses can build internal tools on Foursquare’s platform, games, and much more. The sky is the limit. 

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