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January 2  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I recently had a client want me to go ahead and purchase a package through and I will admit I’ve heard of them before, but never paid too much attention. I will warn you I’m not one to bash people but I’d to give you my opinion on why you should not use this service as it’s pretty much spam. I still think Link building with forum signatures can be a viable option if you’re heavily involved within the community, and the forum is related to your niche.

So they offer 3 different packages which include link building on a wide range of forums, niche related or not, it doesn’ matter. The packages also come with some directory submissions and what not…pretty standard. The prices for the packages range from $400-$7000….yes $7000 for apparently 6,000 guaranteed one way links. I first thought there is no way a human is active in the forums contributing in any positive way possible so I set off to see for myself and my client.

They have a client testimonial section which links to actual clients and their domains. This made it real easy for me to analyze the backlink profile of those sites listed, as well the companies main domain. For all the clients there were only a few forum signature links showing up in their profiles, and the posts checked out to what I guessed all along. Sure enough the forum posts that were still active came from bot generated accounts with 1-3 posts, and those posts were always along the lines of “this post has a lot of great information in it” etc etc etc. Not only that but those clients were not ranking anywhere for the keywords they were targeting. No surprise there either.

This was just one of dozens of examples of the forum posting you’re getting and a lot of the accounts I came across were of course banned. The company itself uses its own services to promote their link building packages, a lot of it came from forums but at least they were webmaster forums. That’s fine and legit, they all have services sections. But diving deeper more of the same spam was easily noticable with a quick glance using Link Diagnosis.

Google search results for forum member names used lead me on more discoveries of the same type of spam all over the place. So one of the few things we can get out of this is that if you want to get links out of forum signatures you’re going to have to put some human effort into it, and not be spammy. Needless to say I had to inform my client that going this route would be in poor judgement and be only hurtful in the long run. I do not condone techniques like this but I’ll let the rest of you folks be the judge of that.

More Scammed:

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71 Responses to Review Through The Eyes Of A Link Builder

  1. Steve Martin says:

    looks like a scam, evidence is there to proof it

  2. It doesn't look like a particularly sustainable backlinking solution. The forum profiles would probably end up getting banned. The backlinks probably removed or deactivated. And it really does feel like quite a bit too much. Not to mention the rather nebulous benefit to one's SERP ranking, if any.

  3. linkbuildr says:

    Yea a lot of the acconts were blocked, but from the client list they have on the site I didn't find more than 10 backlinks from forums…so I dunno what all that business is about them lasting for up to 3 years. I would never list my clients publically…..disaster.

  4. linkbuildr says:

    They've been banned a dozen times on Digital Point forums but they're still sneaking in via adwords. This is just one of a 2 dozen examples

  5. Genie says:

    Being an active member of a few forums this topic has always been on my mind. I also wondered what value a link from a forum provides. some people on forums have 30,000 + posts and I wonder how that affects the site in their sig link

  6. JustinSMV says:

    building back links on forums are a strong source of link juice but if done the right way. With all services out there you have to be careful of scams and possibly being banned, nice topic here.

  7. Jim Dornan says:

    JustinSMV, care to elaborate on the "right way"?
    Even if posts are human input only, and valuable content is provided, what about the effects of having thousands of the same link text, from the same network, linking to a site. Doesnt google penalise "google bombs"/site wide links to one product?

  8. linkbuildr says:

    is anyone displeased with this post at all? I wasn't exactly too nice but, is it fair to say people should be warned of nefarious tactics?

  9. Matt Clarke says:

    Hi there mr linkbuildr, great article, have been learning web design and seo since Jan this year, man it's complex. Want to thank you for the link diagnosis link, have been using link voodoo until now, but will ad this one to my arsenal too. Wish me luck, i have to try and get myself, a graphic designer up the ranks, must be third in line after seo and web design. :-) Cheers, Matt

  10. MorePro says:

    Received emails about becoming an affiliate of these guys', but was certainly cautious. All of the reports & reviews we've found, including this one indicate to stay away from them (& likely others who are similar). The links look like absolute garbage and that is just the forum links… can't imagine how poor their other offerings look (articles, directories, etc.). Anyone who is touting something that seems to good to be true, is likely a scammer.

  11. eric says:

    Thanks your for honesty. I was looking into them

  12. Vefhýsing says:

    Thank you for all the information. Im not sure if i misunderstood, but can google actually give penalty or even ban your website for building up too many backlinks by using this kinda services.. I mean that wouldn't make any sense because then people could just easily sabotage other companies websites etc..

  13. John says:

    This guys are a scam. They offer a service where they offer to find ALL backlinks from any competitor for $30. It sounded too good to be true, but I decided to give it a shor anywa.

    I confirmed my suspicions. The only sent me around 500 backlinks that I already had found through yahoo.

    I contacted them for a refund, and never heard back.



  14. cyoung35 says:

    I've found if it's too good to be true it usually is.

  15. Thank you for your very detailed assessment of their services. I was considering using them but now I will most certainly NOT. Thank you very much. I am still looking for a quality and reasonably priced link building service to resell to my clients. Let me know if you know of any.

  16. Thank you for this! I was thinking about placing an order, but then started questioning their service after reading several of their testimonials. Something seemed “off” about many of them. I did a little research on some of the listed sites and, well, it did not make me feel any better. After seeing what you've found, it's a definite “no” for these guys. Thanks for saving me $400!

  17. Linkbuildr says:

    I'd be more than happy to help Doba out anytime if you need a legit, well done link building campaign. You know how to get me :)

  18. ChiefJohn says:

    The video testimonial on their site is classic…it's supposedly a director of a financial services company, and he's giving the review in what looks to be a college library. Too bad the video cut out half way through, or maybe he would have explained why he was unable to film in his office!

  19. Gana says:

    More info on (yes, forumlinkbuilders ARE SCAMMERS!)

  20. Ryan says:

    Hey! THANK YOU so much for this post. I was seconds away from dropping $4,000 bones with these guys, trusting what they had to say on their site. I have been in link building for years and should know better, especially when the forums they sign up with have nothing to do with most businesses they promote, ex: That's cool and all, but what if I have a catfood site?!

    Yeah, so thanks again for posting this I did a last little search to see what others had to say and I'm glad I didn't go with 'em.

  21. Linkbuildr says:

    No problem! Like it's not against the law to do what he's doing so I cannot really hate too much for that fact. It's, I think in my right, to inform serious companies before jeopardizing their websites rankings. Google would definitely not look kindly to this, nor would and others. I imagine there would be grounds for a lawsuit for spamming as well if the target company was large enough.

    I'd be more than happy to talk about a natural link campaign at anytime

  22. says:


    Good work. Your blog post confirmed my suspicions there was an obvious caveat to the promises of this and other outfits making similar claims. Thanks for the research and exposing the scam.

    There is no effective shortcut (in my opinion, no alternatives) to the tedious, manual work of building your reputation and earning links over time.

    If it sounds to good to be true…

  23. Can you recommend a fair links building service? I bet all uses some similar methods…

  24. Linkbuildr says:

    I'm known pretty well throughout the community..feel free to give us a shout!

  25. Yaroslav says:

    Oh, thanks a lot for showing me these links! I didn’t even know about them :)

    Most of all I liked this one – ! Don’t you see anything “strange” like Chinese characters, for example? : )))))) Do you really think we know Chinese and build links from Chinese sites to our own website? :) That’s really funny : ))) Even if we did, why would we need to build links to ourselves from Chinese sites? : )))) What for?

    As to, do you really treat this PR6 link as a ‘bad link’? :) Or what? What’s wrong about this link? :)

    Just for your information, I see all of these links first time and have no idea who made them. I believe some of our clients or someone else did. No idea. But that doesn’t even matter.

    The funniest thing is I don’t even understand the nature and sense of your post.

    And one more thing, why are you so angry? Let’s become friends and partners instead of becoming the worst enemies.

  26. Yaroslav says:

    Official Reply from

    Dear Linkbuildr,

    First, I want to thank you for making a review about our service and our company :)

    Of course, I would appreciate if you made a deeper analysis and found out why we succeed for already more than 7 years (since 2003), but I’ll help you with that. I’d like to mention that is not just another company, that builds links using forums. We are very FOCUSED on building links from forums, we do this since 2003, and that’s why we do this better than anyone else.

    Our employees always make all posts manually. If our posts were spammy or poor, they all would be removed and our company would simply bankrupt long time ago since we give a 1 YEAR permanent link guarantee and replace any removed posts within 1 year of order completion. As you probably know, we provide Forum Link Building Service since 2003 and have a great success in this area.

    We’ve got more and more recurring clients who are very happy with our services. If you dig dipper, you’ll see that according to Yahoo Site Explorer (;_ylt=A0geu7UdQvt…), we have 80,000+ backlinks from forums.

    According to Google, has the following rankings on

    forum link building 1
    forum link building service 1
    forum link building services 1
    adult link building 1
    one way link building service 2
    link building prices 2
    forum link building 2
    link building packages 3
    one way link building services 3
    one way link building 6
    build one way links 7
    link building service 7
    link building services 13

    In case if you don't know, the listed above keywords are highly competitive. Additionally, we also have top rankings on Google & other search engines for hundreds more other, less competitive keyword phrases.

    According to (…), we receive 30,000+ visitors / month mostly from Google & forums. These facts prove the effectiveness of our service more than anything else does.

    If that’s still not enough from you, please feel free to contact any of our clients, listed on this page and speak to them directly. Note: this is just 3% of our clients.

    That being said. Now let me ask you a question: why did you at all decide, that our company left those posts, which you found? We are not the only people who communicate on forums and make posts there :) Those spammy and poor posts do not belong to us. As I already said, we give 12 MONTHS permanent link guarantee and replace any removed posts. That’s why we always do quality posts not to have to do the same work twice. Another reason, why we make only high quality posts is because we have so many orders and build so large quantity of links daily, that if we were spamming forums, we would be banned everywhere long time ago. But we are not. Moreover, many webmasters are very thankful to us because we help their forums grow. We reply to members’ questions, help them solve their problems and make their forums better.

    And the most important reason, why we care about the quality of our posts is, of course, our clients satisfaction. We care about ForumLinkBuilding company reputation, about our clients’ satisfaction level, about that they stayed with us for years, and that’s why we have developed a whole system of posts quality control, thanks to which all of our posts stay alive for many and many years.

    Thank you,
    Yaroslav Korchagin
    Marketing Department Director

  27. Linkbuildr says:

    I don't mind the rebuttal, all is fair in love and war. Those posts were MOST definitely made by your company as they were from the clients listed at the time. I otherwise would not care except a lot of people, in my opinion, are getting snake oil SEO.

    I highly recommend anyone look at the backlinks and you'll quickly see you have pretty much comment + blog spammed in a very blackhat way on tons of unrelated sites;….

    For example, for the lazy;… – and from this post I see

    “Thanks for the shots. I had a reunion like this once upon a time ago, lol.. But I guess most of us already forget each other since that night. There was no second gathering at all! Link building services(link removed)”

    I could go on and on…the only reason Google hasn't banned you yet is either because you spend so much on Adwords, and or because they usually suck a fat nut these days.

    The bottom line is the service is blackhat spam that reputable companies should stay away from. If I did this for a client I'd be fired within a day.

    Peace out bitches!

  28. Linkbuildr says:

    Actually on second thought, let's take a look at some of your “clients” taken from hxxp://

    1) Kate Ross for Infor Global Solutions…doesn't exist.

    2)… – 83 unique and lousy ass links.

    3) Johnson Fire's 13 lame links here….

    4) Dasexporters –
    Won't even run because it can't find any links.

    5) You've been banned on Digital Point Forums more than I have!

    I tell you what. You provide the site for “Brian O'Connor” (Business owner USA (LOLZ)), and the Alexa ranking to prove the link power that's delivery over, and I quote, “Half a Million Visitors to Our Site per Month”, and I'll take this post down.

  29. Linkbuildr says:

    I'm not trying to be enemies, nor am I wanting to be friends. I'm trying to save people money from blackhat methods. I don't care if people do it, but no legit corporation should EVER use these tactics as they are.

    You're also clearly lying about not knowing of those links, and the Reuters one is spam. Try doing that as work for a client like Sony…they'd can you so fast.

  30. Yaroslav says:

    1. We're not banned on DigitalPoint.
    2. Moreover, we've got Premium Membership on DigitalPoint. Check this out –
    And what about you? I see, no Premium Membership.
    3. We've got 151 Internet Trader Rating on DigitalPoint. And what about you? Again nothing. Your rating is 0. Strange, strange…
    4. As you can see from the above image or just here…, we are Phone Verified user one DP. And you? Again nothing? Oh, uh…

    By the way, as you can see from this screenshot…, in the last month was visited by 66,065 people. Does it mean anything to you?

    As to our clients, sorry, but we do not disclose our clients’ private information, unless they allow us to do that.

  31. Linkbuildr says:

    I don't go on DPF because it's full of noobcakes affiliate marketer, you can find me on

    Here is a previous thread where your company was banned from DPF:

    I have a hemroid site that got over 100k in visit last month, does that mean anything to you?

  32. Carl wolf says:

    First of all I want to chime in here and thank you for the absolutely entertaining comments.

    Next, I'm going to quote you:
    “Don't you see anything “strange” like Chinese characters, for example? : )))))) Do you really think we know Chinese and build links from Chinese sites to our own website? :) “

    Based on the frequent grammatical errors in your English, I'm going to take a stab at it and guess your first language is not English. Since I don't know you personally, that leads me to believe you speak another language fluently which for all I know very well could be Chinese, Russian or even Punjabi. So yes, I do believe you could (possibly) be building links in another language, Chinese potentially being one of them.

    If you want to make this giant debate end, I would suggest giving us examples of some of the links you've built for your company. I'm sure they are no secret since you've already been transparent about which keywords you rank for. Instead of debating based on your current rankings, give us some examples of your quality link building service.


  33. Linkbuildr says:

    More insult to injury here. You say they write great posts…I say you create dupe content ie – For potential clients, just do a Google search for the first sentence in “their” post.

    “This section discusses creating one or more back-end SSL servers for an SSL proxy list”

    Copy + Paste pwnage.

  34. Guest says:

    Some more information about spammers from

  35. Guest says:

    I think that most or possibly all testimonials have been fabricated.

    Please check 43c videos on front page of forumlinkbuilding,com with a guy:
    Jim Spasey, Small business owner :)
    and his website:

    According to the whois the domain name ( belongs to:
    —Mr. Konstantin Shevchenko (the owner of forumlinkbuilding,com) !!!! :)

    Konstantin Shevchenko +3.80679032999
    Konstantin Shevchenko
    Vishgorodskaya str., 38, 96

  36. Yaroslav says:

    Hi Card,

    Yes, English is actually my third Language after Ukrainian and Russian. Thanks for taking the time to let me know about my mistakes, I appreciate that. I always strive to regularly improve and polish my English as well as I can. I want to make it really perfect.

    No, I’m not from China or any Asian countries. I’m from Ukraine (Europe).

    No problem, on the following below 3 pages you can see our link samples. All links have anchor text ‘Link Building Packages’ and follow to

    Backlinks pages:
    PR5 homepage, PR2 backlink page –
    PR5 homepage, PR3 backlink page –
    PR6 homepage, PR3 backlink page –

  37. Sweetshinemarie says:

    You are everywhere …. But of course …. hihih

  38. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for confirming what I suspected. I think the easiest way to see this is a potential scam is looking at the Better Business Bureau logo at the footer for their site with no link….and when I did a search for them on, nothing.

  39. HappyDude says:

    Objectively speaking, who's to say this blog wasn't created to damage their per while pitching your services. This is totally biased. You got noting to lose from (who's highest cost package is ~$4K), and if they don't get you results, you do a chargeback on your credit card for the full amount with prined documentation of their guarantees and supporting documentation of the lacking results. SIMPLE. I LOVE it when companies guarantee becasue always hold them to it, and there really isn't any risk. They're (technically) not doing anything wrong (in Google's eyes), so what does it matter. Naturally, many of the posts will be deleted, but ALL of them?! No way…. Mod are WAY too lazy to catch ALL o them, and eventually when they do, will post a replacement in its place. If you own one company, it might be best to get “higher quality” links, but when you own 4, 5, 6+, companies like are god-sent.

  40. Linkbuildr says:

    I didn't need to blast their services to pitch my services. I'm already a well respected and known member of the SEO community. I'm doing people a service just by warning them here.

    I don't give a $#@! that they do their services, they should just mention its blackhat. I've clearly proven that here. I'm sure having spam links blasted for 4,5,6 sites is great, but like me who deals with fortune 500 companies, this will not do.

  41. NotHappyBuddy says:

    1.They accept paypal payments and after 2 months you can't make a refund.
    2.Just ask them for 100+ forums with their links as an example. You will never receive them.
    Maximum they will send you as an example will be 15 very old links (from 2007) on 7 forums with link to their own website.
    They simply can't show you such example because they can't do it.

    Once again ALL their testimonials have been fabricated!

    They show you some positive testimonials from digitalpoint back from 2007. They used to do forum posting back in 2007
    like about $20 / 500 posts and this is how they received many positive feedbacks for such cheap service. You can't find any
    fresh positive feedbacks because such positive feedbacks don't exist. Or possibly you can find such feedbacks with members that just registered on forum in order to post one positive feedback(obviously fake).

  42. Mike says:

    I've been involved is search marketing since 1998 and have always been amused by all the short cuts offered, most don't work. The funniest part is when companies like tell you how great they are and their site is only PR1. is PR0 and even is only PR3. If these supposed experts can't do better than that, they won't do much for you unless you are in an uncompetitive situation. It doesn't make much sense.

  43. Linkbuildr says:

    Well that's all good and dandy but this is 2010, pagerank isn't a factor in rankings so that's no biggie. I just don't have links from many pagerank 5 or higher pages…no big deal. I however have hundreds of posts, years of reputation built up and don't worry about pagerank.

    ForumLinkbuilding may have 0(thanks to 3 different redirects), but they still rank hard for many terms…just take a peek at their Alexa. Pagerank = useless there mr expert.

  44. Thank you VERY much for your in depth research and actually showing the results. It's easy to claim something is worthless, but you pretty much left no doubt by providing verifiable proof.

    And it appears HappyDude is only happy because he's getting paid off by ForumLinkBuilding .com… shame on you dude. We're not happy…

  45. I don't whether it really works or not, please suggest if anyone has tried this?

  46. Brent says:

    I stumbled upon this debate by chance. However I'm particularly amazed at how casual LINKBUILDR is about trying to draw attention to themselves by stating extremely damaging commentary. I say amazed but not surprised I have several successful e commerce and non web businesses and LINKBUILDR type people who have never employed anyone or developed and sold a successful enterprise believe the short term benefit of these actions is worth the permanent label they place on themselves as someone you would never want to interact with. The motivation for my lecture on ethics is the fact I have done business with forumlinkbuilding (understanding this is an aggressive and one of many strategies used to compete on the web) and the transaction was of value each time I have used their services.

  47. Brent says:

    I stumbled upon this debate by chance. However I'm particularly amazed at how casual LINKBUILDR is about trying to draw attention to themselves by stating extremely damaging commentary. I say amazed but not surprised I have several successful e commerce and non web businesses and LINKBUILDR type people who have never employed anyone or developed and sold a successful enterprise believe the short term benefit of these actions is worth the permanent label they place on themselves as someone you would never want to interact with. The motivation for my lecture on ethics is the fact I have done business with forumlinkbuilding (understanding this is an aggressive and one of many strategies used to compete on the web) and the transaction was of value each time I have used their services.

  48. Linkbuildr says:

    lol Brent, nice try on behalf of FL but you sir are a big fat fail when it comes to replying in such a heated thread. We have many employees, an office and are not listed as scammers across multiple web boards including I clearly laid out the goods here plain as day, if you can't see that then gold help us all lol.

    Your lecture on ethics is as lousy as getting a link from a FL campaign.

  49. Sagetips says:

    Thanks for the thorough and helpful review. I was considering using this service, but you made me take a closer look. When I did, I realized that the picture for one of their “testimonials” (Mery Jason) looked very familiar. A few days later I logged into an online application at my day job and saw the same picture…obviously a stock photo. Using stock photos as testimonials doesn't do much to build credibility or confidence.

    Thanks again.

  50. Sfossy says:

    They just go to dofollow forums, go and search for high pr pages to post, in one sample i see that he started discussion in a thread on which the last post was 2 years ago.. :)

  51. Sarah Zahavi says:

    Hello Linkbuildr, thanks for the warning, its A**holes such as theese fakers that gives us the Real internet marketers a serious hard time, with they're ridicouled low prices and sucky sh**, i can understand why people trust theese fakers more then us, they have lower prices, but on the other hand it can kill your business to hire one of theese dumba** companys Wfg With friendly greetings one of your collagues who is more active in the social networks then the search engines.

  52. Sam Biondo says:

    Hello Yaroslav,
    I just recently purchased your silver package a few days ago. Im concearned because i have a new web site & i am listening to all this about spam this, spam that, im just confused and i only want the best for my business, how can i be sure i made the right decision going with your company?

  53. John Garrett says:

    Dude, this is hilarious. Good work Linkbuildr.

    I took a look at the service myself and I have to admit when I see a site that doesn't look professionally designed that stops me in my tracks.

    I was already suspicious, so I Googled them and came up with this post. This is what I suspected but did not have the know-how to confirm. Too damn funny.

    Well, not funny at all for those who spent money on this. Man this sucks.

    The steep prices are both a blessing and a curse, I guess. For $50 I probably would have given it a shot, but starting at $400 there's no way without stellar reviews from all kinds of top-tier sites.

    So I guess the magic potion does not exist. Time to actually put in work, I guess lol…

  54. Ted says:

    We used Forum a few mos ago – we got their least expensive pkg and our traffic is up more than 20% in 3 mos. It’s hard to tell if this is due in part or exclusively to Forum, but it’s hard for me to see how the “spammy” links may have hurt us (at least so far). And more to the point, whenever we talk to an SEO “expert” it’s a big gray area on what will work and the results it will drive. So really, what’s the difference? Of course a service like Forum is not going to be suitable to F500 companies. It’s a service obviously targeted to SMBs. Most SEO services are not. Come on – this isn’t blackhat. That’s a ridiculous claim. It may not be really high quality. But since fairness and equity are not particularly prized on the web (or in business, gents) – you have to make your own advantage. Game the system? Sure. It’s great if you’re a big company and you can get tagged and optimized content placed – but if you only have a few hundred bucks to spend, what are the practical alternatives? And if you do a link building service, what are the long term disadvantages the crowd seems concerned with (besides, potentially, their own loss of income).

  55. Guest says:

    It seems that google actually banned spammers(forumlinkbuilding). Do not see them for any keywords:
    forum link building 1
    forum link building service 1
    forum link building services 1
    adult link building 1
    one way link building service 2
    link building prices 2
    forum link building 2
    link building packages 3
    one way link building services 3
    one way link building 6
    build one way links 7
    link building service 7
    link building services 13


  56. Guest says:

    It seems that google actually banned spammers(forumlinkbuilding). Do not see them for any keywords:
    forum link building 1
    forum link building service 1
    forum link building services 1
    adult link building 1
    one way link building service 2
    link building prices 2
    forum link building 2
    link building packages 3
    one way link building services 3
    one way link building 6
    build one way links 7
    link building service 7
    link building services 13


  57. Linkbuildr says:

    It does look like Google has filtered them quite a bit although they’re already operating as a new “company”.

  58. Linkbuildr says:

    “this isn’t blackhat. That’s a ridiculous claim.”

    I didn’t say the tactics don’t work, I do however clearly proved it’s blackhat and that type of gaming anchor text will get you canned by Google. The whole reason I got on this was because one of our fortune 500 companies wanted to try it out and asked my opinion, so I was quick to draw…albiet perhaps too harsh.

  59. Linkbuildr says:

    Too many junk sites ranking for terms they shouldn’t be….do something awesome to get natural links and stay ranking for the *long term*.

  60. Raj says:

    Very Nice work! I was about to buy their services and just did a search about their website review in google and it brought me up your review. Read your review and the comments. I came to know that their site is only PR1. If they can’t have a better rank for their site they can’t get a good rank for my site. Thank you for the article.

  61. Komendant bazi yunnat says:

    You guys are cool in cheating those pindosians :) I see Ukrainian accent here. How is Vyshgorodskaya str? How is yunnat baza? $400 for few posts on adobe, sun, mysql forums is really cool! Keep going!

  62. Steve Elson says:

    Spam comes with just about everything these days. They introduced themselves via an unsolicited email, which sends out warning signals already. The comments here, just goes to prove, you get nothing without hard work. Thanks for sharing :-)

  63. Hi,

    forum link building 1 forum link building service 1 and so on…

    They don’t appear at Google at all. So yes, it seems that the site is banned.

    My conclusion: A dangerous service.

  64.  Unless they are JCPenny during the 2010 Holiday Shopping Season ;-) … OK  – But seriously, I couldn’t agree more. Beyond the branding damage and low quality links, what’s more disgusting is that many of the testimonials seem made up.

    Try to find any of the persons on LinkedIn and you can’t. Not a one, at least for the dozen or or so that I searched for. Maybe one or two, but a dozen!! Makes your wonder if the ones with contacts are real customers, most with gmail accounts like they were hiding the real domains or just actors on the dole.

    All but one or two testimonials exclude the website. If my instincts are correct and the testimonials are fraudulent testimonials, this is a serious integrity issue. Try Googling – CEO Comodo ” Karl Winot” – and only two references are returned (Google US) – this testimonial page and another dev page from same company. Come on kids… either Comodo has a hemp plant doing PR or Karl Winot was born in a strategy session when trying to put a name to a stock photo bought for the testimonials and somebody said ” why not Karl”  ;-)

  65. Folin says:

    They are scammers and they are banned by Google!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Definitely agree that blog and forum comments are
    very useful and effective. I could tell, there is little difference
    between one and continue to track not because both links are indexed by
    search engines unless of course you are doing the links with the sole
    purpose of increasing your PR.

  67. Marcus says:

    there is bad English all through these post 

  68. Jonathan says:

     Not sure what HappyDude is talking about. Sticking up for Forum Link Building while making sure to link back to their website at every chance. Doesn’t look remotely objective to mw.

  69. Linkbuildr says:

    pagerank has nothing to do with ranking nor is the toolbar PR you’re seeing up to date, it’s months behind or not updated much at all any more.

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